London - The famous art city in the world

London is one of the famous art cities in the world with the exhibition program, the daily cultural events of the musicals, ballet on the station walls .... and most especially street art.

Southbank Centre

southbank centre, london

Southbank Center is one of the famous cultural performances in London in particular and in Britain in general. Here you can join the many concerts, free exhibition or admire the beauty of the River Thames ... Coming to Southbank Centre, you will be immersed in the melodic music of the music arranger, ... or the deepest music on piano,.

Shoreditch with street art 

Located in the eastern suburbs, London, Shoreditch attracted many artists, designers, artists playing music all over the world to explore and live. 

shoreditch, london

Along the route of Shoreditch, the paintings are painted in many schools, many perspectives, many different materials. It was the thick paint on the walls, the Windows, doors, signs ... And people, animals, objects, ... almost everything of life can become the topic, source of inspiration for artists painting the streets of Shoreditch. Shoreditch recorded these works to the life of the famous painters of England as Banksy, Eine, D * Face, Sweet Toof, Pure Evil as well as the world famous artists like Swoon, Roa, Blek Le Rat, Vhils. Today, Shoreditch has become a center of the art world.

london art

London, so indeed is the place you should go to, which is where the search for cultural tourism can not ignore.

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