5 Warning Signs You're Using the Wrong Beauty Products

Warning! The Signs notice that you are using the wrong cosmetics!

You let us go through the warning signs you're using the wrong cosmetic below. Chances are you are also signs that you accidentally do not know.

1. You're Experiencing Rashes

Rashes can definitely be caused by a variety of factors, but they’re also a big indicator of allergic reactions in response to using certain cosmetic products. Makeup and skin care formulas can contain allergenic inactive ingredients, which usually contribute to the product’s overall look and smell. However, it’s usually these same ingredients that can lead to those irritating rashes you’ve noticed on your skin.

Signs You're Using the Wrong Beauty Products1

You're Experiencing Rashes

“Rashes can be caused by preservatives, fragrances or acrylates found inside cosmetic products,” says Beverly Hills, CA, dermatologist Tsippora Shainhouse, MD. “Consider getting allergy patch testing at your dermatologist’s office to determine the offending agent and then you'll know which ingredients to look out for in the future.”

2. You've Been Getting Hives 

Like rashes, hives are another warning sign that you may be potentially using the wrong products. Often looking like red welts, hives can be the result of your body reacting to ingredients found in cosmetic formulas.

The Signs You're Using the Wrong Beauty Products2

You've Been Getting Hives 

And while hives tend to go away after some time, it may be a larger concern if your condition hasn’t improved in a few days. To see if your hives are a result of using the wrong products, certified aesthetician and director of brand development at InstaNatural Heather Wilson recommends to stop using your products completely, and then seek out the help of your dermatologist.

“People can be allergic to ingredients in a skin care product, so hives can definitely occur,” explains Wilson. “Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean the product is wrong for your skin type or concern, but that the reaction is a sign that you should discontinue the use of the product, most likely due to an allergen."

3. Your Skin Itches

Fragrance is one of the key aggressors inside some beauty products, and it can trigger skin itching and irritation. If your skin is severely red and itchy after using that new cream or face wash, talk to your dermatologist about potential allergens.

Signs You're Using the Wrong Beauty Products3

Your Skin Itches

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“If your skin is itching and red, you might be having an allergic reaction to an ingredient,” explains New York dermatologist Debra Jaliman, MD. “Look to see if there's fragrance in your cosmetic products, and try to avoid them, as fragrance usually is the number-one cause of an allergic reaction.”

4. You're Noticing Breakouts 

Breakouts can form in response to using the wrong products, especially because small, red bumps may show that your skin is reacting to something negatively. But, to determine if your products are actually the source of your breakouts, it’s best to allow time for your skin to adjust to them, and be very observant of any changes you may notice before your next dermatologist visit.

Signs You're Using the Wrong Beauty Products4

You're Noticing Breakouts 

“Try to allow two or three weeks for your skin to adjust to a new routine, as breakouts happen when you incorporate a new product,” says aesthetician Heather Wilson. “Evaluate each product you use and make one change at a time. It might take time to find the cause of your breakouts, so try to be patient.”

5. Your Skin Feels Tight 

Tightness can also be an indication that your new miracle product just isn’t right for you. Using the wrong cleansers in particular, can strip your skin of its natural protective oils, causing dehydration, irritation and dryness. To overcome tight skin with ease, Wilson recommends looking for pH balanced products to help gently treat your skin.

Signs You're Using the Wrong Beauty Products5

Your Skin Feels Tight 

“Don’t ignore tightness, as it is can impair skin health and cause increased oil production, large pores and wrinkles,” she says. “If your skin feels tight after cleansing, look for products that are pH balanced and contain gentle and natural-based surfactants.”

Now let's see if you have any warning signs as above? If yes, let's start changing your skin care now for youthful skin and charming.

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