New Skin Care Trend By Facial Tea You Need to Try

Teas has many effects on our body. Teas not only helps body detox but also effective beauty tools for women, like loss weight, making beautiful skin, anti-skin aging

Now, there are facial teas (you do them at home), which work by steeping loose tea in hot water and then placing your face over the bowl so the steam can work its magic on your skin. Facial teas help correct dull, dry, congested, fatigued and aging skin thanks to the good-for-your-skin herbs—rose hip, calendula, chamomile and rosemary—that are anti-inflammatory, calming and energizing.

At first, we thought this was going to be a mess of epic proportions—loose tea, boiling water and steam sounds like a good plan about to go wrong. But in reality, the steam was easier to do than making a pot of pasta. I let some water boil for about 10 minutes until it got really hot and bubbly (and turned it down a bit so I wouldn’t burn myself) and added in two spoonfuls of loose tea. Then, I used a big wooden spoon to stir the mix of organic chamomile, rose, lavender, calendula, fennel, nettle and rosemary together. Next, I placed my face a few inches away from the pot and stood above it to let the steam work its magic for about five minutes.

Facial Tea Is The New Skin Care Trend You Need to Try

Facial Tea Is The New Skin Care Trend You Need to Try

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Not only did my kitchen smell like an English tea shop, but the steam really worked. I wasn't doing extractions following the treatment, so it’s hard to say if it really opened up my pores (they didn’t look any bigger afterward, always a good thing!) but it definitely made my skin feel instantly softer. In fact, there were a few dry patches on my chin that weren’t there post-steam—and they stayed away for the next few days, too. Plus, my skin had this healthy glow to it that wasn’t flushed or greasy.

Facial teas may have just become my new favorite Thursday night activity!

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