Hello friends! ^^ Today I will review for you my personal opinion about a Korea Innisfree company's mask : Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay mask

This product offers both men and women!

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

Review innisfree jeju Volcanic Pore Clay mask

 Capacity: 100ml .

For a full face mask I'd use this once or twice a week depending on how oily your skin is. If you feel like your nose and cheek area have enlarged pores, just use a nose mask maybe twice a week.

Duration of use: 7 - 10 uses

pH level: 7 - 8

Mask : Condensed and slightly thick , smooth , liquid level enough so that when we apply to the face and massage  not too hard and dry . Mask with light brown and turn pale when dry on the face. 

Ingredients : extracts from clay and volcanic ash is good for controlling the oil , removing sebum , pores and reduce blackheads . There are a few agencies that the amount of alcohol allowed . And I think to open pores should have a few alcoholic products is understandable and can still be acceptable for your personal

How to use: You can use the following 3 ways:

Before entering this way before 3 mask remember to always wash your face with a cleanser, then use skin toner balance then start mask:

1. Use as conventional mask: mask, wash the skin after 15 minutes up

2. Use clean blackheads: apply a little thicker layer on the nose, the chin area or bran blackheads and acne,  massage  about 1-2 minutes,then maintained for about 15 minutes and then wash your face

3. Reduce swelling and acne : Apply a small amount over acne spot in the evening went to sleep at night , wash your face after wake up

To clean your face effectively, use warm water to ease the mask , then use cold water to tighten pores

Personal feeling:

I use this with the desire that downs my blackhead pimples and tighten pores . In fact, the efficien is not very clear. My nose was quite severe blackheads and honestly no way to cure only a weekly cleaning . However, after mask may see blackhead pimples cleaner , but they don't go out much. After mask, face looks brighter, touch skin smooth but just after mask.

Rating: 6/10

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