How Hard Can Love Be? - Am I Normal Yet 2 - By Holly Bourne

This is the second book in the new Holly Bourne Normal trilogy and is COMPLETELY FANTASTIC. Not that I expected anything less after the amazing after the stunning Am I Normal Yet? last year.

It is from the perspective of Amber (best friend of Evie in Am I Normal Yet?) during her time at an American summer camp run by her mother and her new husband.

How hard can love be? by Holly Bourne – review

How hard can love be? by Holly Bourne – review

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Amber is undoubtedly hilarious and gets up to all sorts: from trying not to throw up on plane to all of which are extremely entertaining to read about. I am not ashamed to admit that I laughed at loud many times whilst reading this at school (the weird looks were worth it). It also has some completely adorable scenes and some really cute moments.

If anything, the one thing missing from the first book in the series were any boys who weren’t horrible, and there are many NICE BOYS in this book – believe me.

It’s not all laughs, though. The tumultuous relationship between Amber and her mother is difficult to read about. Amber also does some questionable things sometimes – but doesn’t everyone?

She is such a well-developed character that even if you wouldn’t always agree with her choices, you could see what led her to them, and begin to understand them.

The main story in this book is romance. But do not be disappointed, there is still just as much feminism and female friendship as there was in ‘Am I Normal Yet?’, with Lottie and Evie being just as awesome as ever.

Bourne talks about feminism so openly and truthfully in her books and if you ever doubted the intelligence, ability or passion of teenage girls read her books and you never will again.

I absolutely adored this book and everyone should read it. Holly Bourne has been my favourite author from the moment I read Soulmates and How Hard Can Love be? only further proves how great she is.

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