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Bone Gap retold about a small town, the place where eighteen-year-old boy lives . The book contained many new things about the Persephone legendary Greek in a modern wolrd. 

You need to know that Laura Ruby's Bone Gap is about a missing girl named Roza and the aftermath of her disappearance. Finn O'Sullivan knows she was kidnapped but can't prove it and beings to doubt himself. His brother, Sean, who was in love with Roza, thinks perhaps she's left him, given that he's been left before. The book examines love, loss, abandonment, and family duty against the backdrop of a small Illinois farming town that's a gateway to a mysterious world. The sex, drinking, and drug use in the book is not explicit. Infrequent profanity includes "s--t" and "f--k" and it's variations. The characters face many violent situations, including stabbing, beatings, a face slashing, and an implied rape.

Review book: Bone Gap

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 Bone Gap won the 2016 Michael J. Printz Award for excellence in literature written for young adults.

This beautifully written tale blends adventure, character study, and a touch of magical realism. All the characters in Bone Gap, including the minor ones, are well drawn and interesting. Author Laura Ruby does an excellent job of creating unusual individuals who feel like real people, and their lives and pasts strike a strong emotional chord. The book is slow to develop but not necessarily in a bad way. Ruby takes her time with the characters and the various romantic and adventurous story lines, and the narrative switches between Finn's and Roza's points of view. Because the action doesn't kick into gear until about halfway through the book, Bone Gap might not appeal to younger or less patient readers. The book's overarching themes are love and loss: What is the difference between real love and obsession or between love and possession? When someone leaves you, is there something wrong with you or with the other person? The examination of the different ways people cope with all kinds of love and abandonment -- including romance, family, and friendship -- is the best part of Bone Gap.

The story's magical realism elements draw on Greek mythology, and even though the fantasy elements are interesting, they could have been more integrated into the main story. These scenes felt too far apart from the rest of the "real" world in the book, and the story would have benefited from more information on how or why Bone Gap is an entryway to that mystical world and more explanation of the nameless bad guy's motives and who he is. He clearly is a metaphor for all the wrong ways to love a person, but more on how he came to be obsessed and how he has the powers he does would have helped the story enormously. The book examines the way we internalize our own problems and disappointments, and the biggest message is that love can take many forms.

Although the book doesn't make readers feel regretful for spending time on reading this book but it seems that Bone Gap has not satisfied the readers yet. However, Bone Gap still good book to read.

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