You And Me Always by Jill Mansell- Book Review

A chain of events leads to unexpected romances, secrets and the discovery of true love in a small Cotswolds village in Jill Mansell's 27th book, You and Me, Always.


You and me always - Book review 

Prior to her untimely death, Jo Harper wrote a set of birthday letters to her young daughter, Lily. On her 25th birthday, Lily opens the last of them and learns of her mother's real love—Declan Madison. Along with the letter, she receives the bracelet Declan gave to Jo years ago. Surrounded by a tight network of people who helped raise her after her mother's death, Lily's network comprises of Coral (Jo’s best friend), Patsy (Lily’s former babysitter) and Dan (Patsy's younger brother). This final letter has unexpected consequences for Lily and the kind friends she has gathered around her.

Now as the close-knit, cobbled together family grows older, they are discreetly looking for their true loves. Patsy experiences one internet date failure after another, Dan always has a new girlfriend, and Coral struggles to love again after her husband's unexpected death. Declan's entrance into the tale is a breath of fresh air for the familial quartet. In the meantime, movie celebrity Eddie Tessler hopes to win Lily's heart. However, Eddie is not the only person vying for Lily's attention. That is just the one of many secrets brewing in the quaint village of Stanton Langley.

Mansell's novel is a wonderful mix of romantic tension and uproarious comedy, and her complex characters share a common desire to be deeply loved and appreciated. You and Me, Always is a deliciously charming read from beginning to end!  

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