10 attractive destinations in Korea

From the ancient Korea was called "gold mountain, silver sea". Means the mighty country, beautiful natural assets such as a silk painting. Korea has beautiful natural, human love. Korea has many exotic tourist destination. If you have a chance to go to Korea, discover the tourist attractions of this country will be a great experience. With an exciting blend of traditional sights and modern Korea become a great tourist destination. Here are 10 attractive destinations in Korea.

1. Jinhae

Jinhae in Korea

Jinhae-gu is a district in the city of Changwon, South Korea. Jinhae is famous for the annual Cherry Blossom Festival in the spring. Two locations to see the most beautiful cherry blossom of South Korean tourist is at the Kyeongwha train station and in the Yeojwa Canal in Jinhae. Specifically, in the Yeojwa channel, the couple can step through the poetic Romance bridge Bridge, location drama "Romance" (Vietnamese name is Like a love song Song) starring famous actor couple's Kim Ha-Neul and Kim Jae Won.

2. Mount Seorak

Seorak mountain in Korea

Seorak mountain is third highest in Korea, is located in the Gangwon Province in the Northeast. Seoraksan National Park is Korea's travel treasures with many featured attractions such as the rock cluster Ulsanbawi with 5 ice cubes set next to each other, on top of each block has a concave slot form as cauldron. There is also the Valley of thousand Buddhas, also known as the Valley of Seorak because the two sides of the Valley are the mountain ranges arranged as two rows of Buddha statues.

3. Jeju Island

Jeju island in Korea

Jejudo Island was celebrated by South Korean tourist, appeared and is referred to in so many movies of kim chi. To explore the entire island of South Korean tourists take a bunch of time. Some of the featured destinations on the East coast line is Seopjikoji with volcanic boulders in all shapes, Seongsan mountain Ilchubong (also known as the Summit)-a 5000 year old crater has a wonderful view at dawn, and Halla mountains with views of the trees daihyakka ice and snow-covered in winter. In each House there is Seopjikoji filming All In (Vietnamese name: one for All/Game Fate) by two stars Song Hye Kyo and Lee Byung Hun. Also, Udo Island (Calf) is very close to Jejudo is also a popular destination of tourism in Korea, with Calf Island is the most beautiful scene 8 Scene Bowl of the island. Here also the coastline with coral red rare Rhodolith.

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4. Gazebo Bomun

Gazebo Bomun in Korea

Bomun gazebo located in the city of Gyeongju, the former capital of the Shilla dynasty. This is one of the South Korean tourist destination where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery throughout the four seasons: spring cherry blossoms, spring peeled green, golden yellow color and red autumn leaves, along with the white winter snow layer.

5. Temple of Haeinsa

Haeinsa temple in Korea

Temple of Haeinsa Temple was 1200 kept the world's oldest Buddhist scriptures, book the Tripitaka Koreana. In the temple is also the oldest wooden Buddha statue Korea. This is important to Buddhist destinations of Korea tourist. 

6. Garden architecture Juknokwon

Juknokwon in Korea

The garden is located in the Juknokwon structure an overall artificial landscape lies behind a Confucian school in Damyang, Jeollanam province. Here you can find a bamboo forest coverage on wide area, together with the waterfall and gazebo. This is one of the destinations of Korea tourist.

7.Tea fields in Boseong

Boseong in Korea

About 40% of tea production in Korea on the "book" in Boseong County, also is a popular Korean tourist has become the place in the films and television movies. In addition to enjoying the products made from green tea, visitors come mainly to see the wonderful backdrop of the copper tea spread on the Hill.

8. Bulguksa

Bulguksa Temple in Korea

Bulguksa Temple is located in the city of Gyeongju, is one of the most valuable temple on the history and the religion of  Korean tourist. To be UNESCO World Heritage, the Temple of Bulguksa age 1500 have kept Korea's protection of 7 including 2 stone stupas and brass-plated Buddha 2. Near Bulguksa, Seokguram Grotto is a world cultural heritage.

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9. Cheongsando  Island

Cheongsando island in Korea

Cheongsando is a beautiful island off the coast of south Korea, is covered by the fishing village of barley and shiny copper. A special feature of the field is that they are limited by a low stone wall ranges are featured. Besides beautiful blue and gold of barley, Korean tourists can also see the beauty of flowering canola and chrysanthemum butterfly in Cheongsando.

10. The island of Nami

Nami island in Korea

Nami Island attract tourism to Korea because it is a dial drama Winter Sonata resounding success (Vietnamese name: Winter Sonata) by two actors Bae Yong Joon and Choi Ji Woo The main fabric. Coming here, you will be walking down the road between two rows romance sam plants, a familiar scene in the movie Winter Sonata.

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