11 great things that you love 'crazy' Philippines ( Part 1)

If travelers want to search to the untouched nature, white sand beaches with blue as sapphires, Philippiens is top choice for cruise travel. And  Philippines is  also the place to experience the interaction of two cultures of indigenous and Spanish culture through these structures.

Let's  reveal secrets about 11 great things that you love 'crazy' Philippines.

1. Borocay island

Borocay island

As one of the smallest islands of Boracay in Philippines but Boracay island is the most charming and beautiful white sand beach with soft, smooth, crystal blue sea and stretches like a sand bank of the pampering. Many tourists coming to the island do not hesitate to call the human paradise Boracay. This is a "must see" in Southeast Asia during the tour of the site as well as on guided tours. With its dazzling beauty, Boracay is like a jewel amidst the flood.

2. Wild seas and charming El Nido

El Nido

El Nido is famous pristine beaches not only by the blue waters as jade but it also has many bays, black marble walls, the colorful coral reefs, waterfalls, and rich flora and fauna background , diversity. El Nido Palawan Island along the bottom of the capital, Manila, Philippines about 420 km. In 1996, El Nido on the list of the destinations most attractive and discreet voted by Time Magazine.

3. The Green terraced fields of sight in Banaue


Banaue is one of the popular destinations not only in the Philippines but all over the world with the 2,000-year-old rice terraces of Ifugao ethnic. This is one of the largest land area is a UNESCO World Heritage site, at an altitude of up to 1,700 meters above sea level and spectacular scenery, majestic.

4. The old space in the ancient city of Vigan


Vigan is a commune in the province of Ilocos Sur of the Phillipines. The town of Vigan was designated by UNESCO as world cultural heritage, as it was the colonial city of Spain also kept intact for now in Asia. The small winding cobbled streets, the roof tilt with the unique architecture of the Baroque style of the same indigenous people's lives ... all the General Republic created a literary identity separately only in Vigan.

5. The green of Coron


Coron is one of the most beautiful beaches in the province of Palawan, Philippines. Here, visitors feel the stunning backdrop in the movie Avatar eyes. Beaches in Coron very clean water, in the Green and beautiful corals.

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