13 best places to visit in Mexico ( Part 1)

The country of Mexico is famous for the beautiful waters and the vibrant Samba dance will be the ideal touristdestination for you to visit during this season.

Here are the best places in Mexico.

1. Cancun

Cacun in Mexico

Cancun is located in the State of Quintana Roo on the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. This is the number of tourists to visit the many for Mexico with 2 million visitors each year. The hotel is modern, the stunning Caribbean coastline and archaeological vestiges of the Mayan Empire makes Cancun become attractive.

2. The city of Guadalajara

Guadalajara in Mexico

Guadalajara could bring to the visitors travel from the historic area and museums especially to strokes of traditional architecture and the works of famous anniversary near 500 years of history. The profound culture and understanding of people's lives to give Guadalajara a powerful appeal, attracting foreign students to study and research. The city is proud to be the origin of mariachi music and tequila.

3. The city of Guanajuato

Guanajuato in Mexico

Guanajuato is the capital of the State of the same name, has a population of approximately 80 thousand inhabitants. The city was recognized by Unesco as world cultural heritage. Previously, it was a silver mining town and the important role during the war of independence of Mexico. Guanajuato has built buildings with unique architecture in the Baroque and neoclassical styles.

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4. Santa Cruz, Huatulco Bay Beach

Santa cruz

The Bay of Huatulco has a longer coastline 20 miles along the Pacific Ocean. 9 beautiful Bay will be the different choices that Huatulco can bring visitors: Tangolunda is the home to the big resorts, Santa Cruz has peaceful waters excellent for children, La Entrega rock band reef sea will be the best choice for travelers like scuba ... Besides the beautiful beach, Huatulco is still fantastic wildlife, since it is located in the natural area not affected much. 

5. Ixtapa


Ixtapa is located 160 miles across stretches of Pacific coastline in Northern Capulco. This is the sea with the resort hotels, golf and dancing jubilantly programs throughout the night. There is a fishing village near Ixtapa (Zihuatanejo 4 miles) with the road is gravel and many restaurants serve visitors with very cheap prices.

6. Los Cabos

Los cabos

Located at the extreme point of the peninsula of Baja California, the two cities Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo has the distinct charm to the arrangement further lowers component of gorgeous scenery.

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