13 best places to visit in Mexico ( Part 2)

The country of Mexico is famous for the beautiful waters and the vibrant Samba dance will be the ideal tourist destination for you to visit during this season.

Here are the best places in Mexico.

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7. Mazatlan


Mazatlan (the Pearl of the Pacific) is a sea tourist district in the State of Sinaloa, Mexico. About 270 miles of Pacific coastline north of Puerto Vallarta. This is a popular port for boats to dock along the Riviera of Mexico. With many golden sandy beaches, lively night life, the playground for water sports and wild life inherent in it, Mazatlan gives visitors the impression profound and unforgettable. The Carnival is held every year in Mazatlan is among the biggest traditional festival in the country.

8. Merida


Located on the Yucatan Peninsula, giving Merida a unique: the cuisine of the Yucatan, the beautiful buildings, the archaeological area of the Mayan Empire, and many different cultures. All make Merida became glamorous tourist destination. 

9. Mexico City

Mexico city

Mexico has a capital of the Aztecs, the latter is the capital from the time of the Spanish colonial regime. This is the heart of the country's political culture of Mexico and has many beautiful landscapes attract many tourists to visit. 

10. Morelia


Morelia is one of the first Spanish city of Mexico. Previously, it was colonized by the Spanish, thus retaining the very traits Morelia Spain. The buildings are very well preserved and the town was built according to the typical Spanish style. Morelia is a great place of colonial architecture and is the venue for cultural events in Mexico.

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11. Oaxaca


Oaxaca is a colonial city located in southern Mexico, nestled in a valley in the Sierra Madre mountains. The Spaniards first came to Oaxaca in 1500. Among them are the Dominican people line-physician who has built many notable churches. Oaxaca is a tourist attracts a lot of travelers come to visit.

12. Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta

Located on the widest Gulf of Mexico (the Bay of Banderas), Puerto Vallarta is a beautiful tourist beaches in the State of Jalisco. Puerto Vallarta combines the traditional charm of the people along with the modern comfort of high-end resorts in Mexico.

13. Tulum


Tulum is a Center for the Organization of the Festival of the Mayans and the bustling port. The archaeological remains stone mountain always attracts the attention of everyone. Tulum is the ideal tourist place with the accommodation facilities and amenities very soft services prices, suitable for long sea trip.

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