4 famous cities with graffiti art in the world

In recent years,  graffiti art became popular and attractive destination is the travellers in the world in general and devotees graffiti in particular. Here are 4 famous cities with graffiti art  in the world:

Davis’s city , Long Island, New York

5Pointz area located at 45 and 46 city of Davis, Long Island, New York City, is a famous place  for an art space outdoor exhibition, which showcases the monumental Graffiti artwork, colorful painted by artists from around the world.

davis'city graffiti art

It was dubbed as the "sanctuary of the world's leading graffiti", was a centre of artistic graffiti.

davis's city art

The graffiti art  in this neighborhood has attracted a large number of visitors, including famous artists, musicians, filmmakers, photographers. This house was also the setting for many films and music videos, including the movie "Tell Me ' Bout It" by Joss Stone.

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Bogota’s city , Colombia

Approach in Bogota, Colombia, we easily noticed, the roads are put on artistic appearance. Artists from other countries in the world have left their footprints all over the streets. 

botoga graffiti art

Not only creates favorable conditions to satisfy to satisfy the artistic passion, love for painting the streets, Bogata government also actively training in painting talent.

colombia art

Bogota has cobblestone streets – La Candalaria. The road  is a work of art, unique, colorful, from fresh green of trees to several statues have formations, all had become the symbol of the art of this beautiful city. Space colorful graffiti art covers the walls, along the streets, brought a fresh new feeling, which is somewhat mysterious, art.

The infinite creativity of the artists who have made the city brings a dynamic beauty, full of life.

London’s city, England

London, capital of England is home to the most famous graffiti streets in the world. Every year the city attracts lots of devotees graffiti from everywhere in the world. For tourists, the streets of graffiti is one of the places they want to contemplate when arriving in this famous city.

london'city graffiti art

Graffiti art first appeared in London in 1981. Along the streets like the Grey Eagle, Shoreditch, Middlesex ... these paintings are dense drawing on the walls, the window boxes, signs ... using a variety of different materials.

Graffiti seems to be covering throughout the space, the space of the city.

england art

The artist is not simply to satisfy the artistic passion, joy of painting that they want through his works manifested ego, personal concept, and convey the message of life, his desire to live.

Melbourne’s city, Australia

Throughout the streets of  Melbourne’s city , Australia are flooded with colors of street painting art.

melboure art

The houses, roads, train stations were put on vibrant colors of paint color, wallpaper.

Adrian Doyle, a famous artist who has created the artistic space of Melbourne Tours. The main works of graffiti have contributed to give Melbourne had become a great art city.

australia graffiti art

The first graffiti paintings in Melbourne influenced greatly from graffiti art Street in Long Island, New York. New graffiti appeared at also getting much prejudice because of the turmoil and fear will lose its beauty urban landscape. But over time, now graffiti in Melbourne has become the subject of art. Everyone has the right to give his opinion, thinking through colorful paintings.

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