4 secrets for finding cheap flights to Europe in this summer

Europe is a perfect summer destination with white sand beaches, such as: Barcelona (Spain), Cannes (France), Lagos (Portugal), ... And this is the ideal point of numerous traveler. But everyone doesn’t know how to get the European tour with the lowest cost.


So let us together discover secrets for finding  cheap flights to Europe in this summer, okay?

the secret to cheap flights

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Travel at the Beginning or End of Summer

As you already know, from June to the end of the first half of August is the tourist season in Europe. And this time,  to get cheap flights tickets will be diffcult. Therefore, start to traveling trip with low cost, we can go into the second half of May or June 8. And you coud save as much as $ 600 per ticket.

Find a Less Popular Arrival City

The reality shows that the city or the country is more popular , will attract tourists and tend to be more expensive fare such as London, Paris, ... So, you can find less – popular European cities  but no less great . In particular, the North of Europe countries are often cheaper prices this summer such as Oslo, Istanbul, Budapest, Los Angeles, ...

los angeles

Choose the Right Days to Fly

Another important thing to mention impossible not to find cheap flights to Europe in this summer is chosen the flight to fly.  On weekends, the price of travel is the most expensive time. And the most appropriate time is on Tuesday and return on the days of the week instead of on the Saturday or Sunday. This is saved for you $ 38 per day.

Buy early

You'll save $ 125 when purchasing tickets at least 60 days in advance. This will avoid the peak tourism season, allowing you to have a relaxing holiday, comfortable, a hotel room as desired.

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