6 attractive places not to missed in Japan

Japan is the country that has special culture the same journey interesting history. Come to "the land of cherry blossoms "-Japan brings visitors a memorable experience.

Cherry blossoms in Japan

Below is a list of 6 attractive places not to missed in Japan

1. Fuji Mount

Fuji mount in Japan

As a sacred symbol brings the soul and culture of Japan, referring to the Japanese people we associate the Mount Fuji, the cherry blossoms. Here you can see and travel around the whole Lake. Mount Fuji has a beautiful Spire, known around the world as the symbol of tourism in Japan at the same time inspiring many generations of artists and poets of! But already lie dormant since 1707, the mountain still was the geologist classified as an active volcano. In particular, here you also have the opportunity to see the Lake Kawaguchi, is viewing Mount Fuji is one of the most beautiful and the best ambiance in Japan

2. Temple of Kinkaku-ji

temple of kinkaku-ji in Japan

The Temple of Kinkaku-ji Temple is the famous gold in Kyoto. The temple has an incredibly unique architecture, there are two floors on completely wrapped in the leaves of pure gold and placed between the Japanese-style garden. The temple is situated between the green leaves of the trees and the dissipation of light reflective of pure tranquility Lake led to the landscape here carry self meditation. During the snowfall Temple will look more beautiful. In 1950 the temple was designated by Unesco as world cultural heritage. It is the ideal destination for those who love beauty, beauty meets between heaven and the earthly.

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3. The great Buddha of Kamakura

Great Buddha of Kamakura in Japan

Buddha statue in Kamakura had achieved the record for the largest Buddha statue in the world in 1996. Kamakura Buddha brings peace to look weird and disappear the pros worry, troubling late on the world. Kamakura Buddha has a face with closed eyes, inspiring contingency as to convey purity for humankind. With 13 m high bronze material, weighs 93 tons, this is one of the works express the beliefs of Buddhism of Japan.

4. The Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower in Japan

Tokyo Tower is one of the towers of steel structure support higher self for the world and also the pride of the people of the country of sunrise. It is the second highest buildings in Japan and was built with the function of observations, contacted. See Tokyo Tower must you will associate to the Tower of Eiffen in France, by this work inspired, the Eiffen Tower. This was seen as a symbol of Japan and technology is a unique Tower in the world.

5. Himeji Castle

Himeji Castle in Japan

Hineji Castle is also known as "the castle of the white stork image designed by cranes, a symbol of the city of Himeji. This is one of the the castle stayed after the atomic bombings in Japan. With raw materials are built of wood, plaster and waterproofing to external fire, the castle is both a work of architecture, a unique military works. This is one of the places that attracts a lot of tourists when coming to Japan, you can see the Temple from several angles, each perspective will have a different beauty.

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6. Todaiji Temple

Todaiji Temple in Japan

As a symbol for the spiritual and intellectual people in Japan, Todaiji temple with unique architecture reached the perfect aesthetic and technique of all. The temple is located between the garden to plant diversity, and is one of the world's largest wooden temple. This is also one of the famous tourist spots in Japan.

Hope the above information useful to you. Wish you have a fun Japanese holiday.

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