Basic informations about Germany destination to travel

We are going to introduce to you a great travel destination in Europe, Germany.

Germany  has the country's official name is the Federal Republic of Germany. Germany is a country located in Central Europe federal and sharing borders with nine countries are : Denmark (north), Poland and the Czech Republic (east), Austria and Switzerland (to the south), France, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands (to the west).

German territory spreads of  357,021 square kilometers with a temperate climate. Germany has the biggest population in European Union with 82 million and is the country with the third largest immigrant population in the world.

Germany destination has a lot of exotic beautiful travel landscapes. You can ski on the mountains of the Alps, where snow falls almost all year. You can also visit some popular tourist cities of Germany such as Berlin destination, Frankfurt destination ...


Live brass bands are speciality ad Oktober fest

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Berlin is the capital and largest travel city in Germany. There are many destinations to travel. You can visit many famous travel sights, including the Berlin Wall, or the Brandenburg Gate, Potsdamer Platz square.

Beside Berlin, Potsdam also has the famous travel destination is Supreme Power Pros palace built by King Friedrich II the Great built in 1744.

German foods is vary by regions. German foods is famous firstly is "heavy  food” like boiled pork with pickled cabbage (Sauerkraut). In the south people have many kinds of pasta food. The more special dishes are white sausages food (Weißwurst) in Bayern or pig stomach food (Saumagen) in the Pfalz region. Also beer and wine is very favorite dink food of German.

Germany Beer

Beer is famous drink food of German

In Germany there are over 200 types of Wurst, is sausage food made from veal, pork, pig brain, mustard, spices and curry powder. Each region has one of its own kinds of sausages.

There are many different kinds of bread food is served in the restaurant or can be purchased at the bakery daily. Many people prefer this type of bread Pumpernickel with flavorful made by buckwheat that has a little bit bitter taste after eating.

Most of the holidays in Germany comes from the church holidays like Christmas and Easter. While National Day and the first day of May is specified in federal law as a national holiday, then the remaining holidays fixed by the law of each state. For example, while people in Bayern is in the holiday, people in Berlin still has to works as usual.

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