Best vacation spots ideas that match your relationship status

Whether you are single, dating, married, or partnered for years, we all have the answer for your vacation spots. We will help you get through the confusion of choosing where to go. Let’s find out best vacation spotstravel sites, destinations that match your relationship status. 

# You are single

You’re single, you’re ready to have some fun with friends, and you need a vacation. Then, there are many options for you to consider. It’s a great chance for you to meet new people and celebrate how awesome you are. And if you are going to travel with a group of friends, then an all inclusive vacation can be an ultra-easy option. In these cases, Bahamas, Turks, Caicos, Greek Islands, Spain, Ibiza are vacation destinations that worth considering

Greek Islands vacation spots ideas

Greek Islands

# You are together

You are dating; now, you are not sure what is going on. And your relationship is just in a complicated phase.  So this is a precious chance to bring you two closer together. Beach together with eco-adventure activities in Belize is a good option. This place will keep both of you busy.

Belize vacation ideas


# It’s official

Let’s celebrate this milestone with a trip. In this status, we suggest Peru. Peru has tons of culturalactivities, stunning sties, great food, and various kinds of things to see. Or you two can hike Machu Picchu. Accomplishing something like that can be an amazing bonding experience.

Machu Picchu Peru vacation spots

Machu Picchu, Peru

# You have been partnered for one year or more

You are in the early stage of being coupled up. So why not try somewhere romantic and excitement. Ireland can be a great idea. You two can explore the city, stunning countryside, charming bars or pubs.

carlingford cooley peninsula ireland travel ideas for couple vacation

Romantic Ireland

# You are coupled up, but just past the honeymoon phase

It’s time to spice things up with a trip. Portugal is worth to consider. This country is romantic. It also offers so much in history, culture, food, wine aspects. There are many outdoor activities to try and beautiful white sand beaches to visit.

Portugal vacation destination spots ideasRomantic Portugal at night


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# You are partnered 5 to 10 years 

At this point you may want a trip that is as much about getting some romantic alone time as it is the opportunity to get at least a tiny bit outside your comfort zone. Beach and island-hopping in Southern Thailand could be just what the doctor ordered. The beaches are beautiful, the food is cheap and delicious, and the beer is cold and pocket friendly. Accommodations range from huts on the sand to boutique beach hotels to large resorts, providing options for every type of traveling twosome. 

Koh Phangan Thailand vacation spots

Koh Phangan, Thailand

# You are partnered more than 10 years

Being in a relationship with someone for 10 or more years is a big deal and something to be proud of.  And at this stage, you are looking for something different. And Iceland can be your ideal choice of weekend getaways. You can check out the cosmopolitan capital Reykjavik and explore glaciers, waterfalls, volcanoes and glorious and romantic hot springs.

Reykjavik Iceland vacation spots ideas

Reykjavik Iceland

# Celebrate major anniversaries

At this point, you will want to pick a destination that amazingly stands out to create your lasting memories and bring you two even much closer. Some vacation spots ideas include the Galapagos Islands, China’s Great Wall, Maldives, and South Africa Safari.

Maldives vacation spots ideas

The beauty of Maldives from high above


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