Famous tourist destinations in China

China's vast country has thousands of beautiful landscapes. Likely, you will feel anxiety to find places to explore while Chinese tourists. So here are the beautiful landscapes of the country of China you can choose the focal point of your trip. we give informations about famous tourist destinations in China for you.

1. Great Wall

Great wall in China

The Great Wall is one of the natural wonders of the world, it is recognized as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage in 1987. Like a gigantic dragon, the Great Wall through the desert plated, pasture plateau and lasts 8851.8 m from east to west China. It was built in 2000 and consolidated over the years, today some sections have disappeared, but the Great Wall is still the most attractive tourist destination, and is consistently listed as one of the attractions of the once Chinese tourism.

2.Guoliang Village in the Taihang Mountains, Henan

Taihang Mountains Guoliang Village is located in Henan Province. Built in the late Western Han Dynasty named farmer leaders Guoliang. The village is a world of stone: stone houses, stone walls, stone tables, benches and stone beds. The village is famous for Guoliang Tunnel.

Guoliang in China

Carve a path through the rock, and the only way to the village to contact the outside world. Guoliang village now has become a tourist attraction of China by spectacular scenery unique in the world and houses the most unique stone.

3. Xianglu Temple, Shaanxi

Xianglu in China

This temple is located along the banks of the Yellow River is located in Shanxi province, is supported by a stone wall higher than 20m. Was built during the Ming Dynasty around 1614, this project was indeed a unique and exotic. Standing at Xianglu Temple at sunset you can see the corona shines on the Yellow River.

4. Red Beach in Panjin, Liaoning

Red beach in China

Red Beach is located in the Liaohe River delta, from Panjin City of China 30 km, stunning with rare marsh sea grass. Weeds start to grow and develop rapidly from April or May and remains green throughout the summer like any other normal grass. But when they entered the autumn of this new weed species transformed into a distinctive red color, making a glowing waters, like being put on the red carpet indefinitely, create a strikingly beautiful landscape and rare.

5. Zhuge Bagua Village, Zhejiang

Zhuge Bagua Village in China

The village was designed by Zhuge Liang, a political, strategic, talented diplomats, prominent Chinese under the 3 kings (184-280 BC). In late 1996, the village has a unique recognized as cultural relics, national history by uniqueness and old houses are preserved almost intact.

6. Mount Huangshan, Anhui

Huangshan in China

Huangshan Mountains famous for beautiful scenery situated on the cliffs, granite peaks unusual shape in the pine forests of Huangshan scenery changes with the seasons and covered with clouds. This area also has hot springs and natural water pools. Huangshan always subject to ink painting and Chinese literature.

Huangshan is a world heritage site by UNESCO and is one of the attractive tourist destinations in China.

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7. Mount Wuyi, Fujian

Wuyi mountain in China

Wuyi Mountains situated on the city of Wuyishan, Fujian Province for 15km south China. This mountain range is known as the most beautiful mountains of Southeast China, "Fujian First painting", 1999 parts of Fujian Mountains are listed as UNESCO World Natural Heritage and World Cultural Heritage great.

8. Crescent between the Gobi Desert, Dunhuang

Famous Gobi desert by the harsh world,is one of the areas "hard life" on the planet. Tall dunes, desert storms and banditry victims legendary horror occur constantly, killing of so many traders when crossing here. It became an obsession with many big and not too many people think this place suitable for life. Yet there was a lake "crescent" and paradise "fall" down the Gobi desert and became one of the most amazing islands on Earth.

Dunhuang in China

City outskirts way Dunhuang approximately 6km, crescent lake oasis located between the Gobi desert, like a soft silk dissipate the extreme heat of the harsh land of western China Origin.

9. Lushan Mountain, Jiangxi

Lushan aka Lo Son is a mountain range located south of Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province, China, near Poyang Lake. Lushan has 99 mountains, including the highest peak Hanyang University with 1,474 meters high above sea level.

Lushan in China

This is the place to be Chinese tourists preferred. This area is very beautiful landscape with mountain peaks, valleys, canyons, gorges, rock formations, caves, and waterfalls. This area also has a number of Taoist temples, Buddhist temples, as well as many monuments Confucianism . In 1996, Lushan National Park is a UNESCO world cultural heritage.

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10. Cave Benxi, Liaoning

Colorful stalactites, cave Benxi water formed from more than 5 million years ago. The cave is divided into 2 parts, the dry cave and cave flooded section. However; the total length of the cave, it only allows tourists to visit the 300-meter dry cave and cave submerged part is only 2.8 km away by boat. However, where you are allowed to pass through the stone blocks rims, wine, red is a truly impressive scenery.

Benxi cave in China

The average temperature in the cave is stable at 10oC usually so visitors are recommended to wear warm enough to travel to the grotto.

11. Potala Palace, Tibet

Once to the Potala Palace, watching the magnificent beauty here you will understand why the Potala Palace was voted as one of the new seven world wonders.

Potala in China

Potala Palace began to be built in 1645 the period 5th Dalai Lama and it took over 50 years to scale formation works today. According to Sanskrit, Potala means "shrine of Buddha", the Potala was built on Mount Mabuge (Red Mountain), with an elevation of more than 91 meters to the city of Lhasa. Therefore from any direction a few kilometers away guests can admire the majesty of this work.

Wish you have a fun vacation in China !

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