Free guide apps for travel and navigation to get better trip and life

Thanks for the technology development, travel now becomes more comfortable than it was in the past. Just by using travel and navigation apps on your mobile phone, tablet or laptop, you can reach to many travel services. Numerous travel and navigation apps are available for Android devices. There are several GPS navigation and mapping apps that offer a variety of features, apps  that makes your trip easier and quicker. You now can track cheap flights and locate hotels, create travel journals, find your car or find the lowest gas prices in your area just by simple manipulation.

If you're new on using travel and navigation apps, there are some suggested free apps for Android devices recommented for you:

GasBuddy – Find Cheap Gas (free): Forget about how wasting time it was when you have to drive extra miles looking for the lowest price at the pump, you now can easy find cheap Gas in your arsenal with GasBuddy. You can search by zip code or city, or simply tap the Find Gas Near Me button to see what’s close by. You can sort the results by price or distance, or display the prices on a map. You can see prices for Regular, Midgrade, Premium, and Diesel.

free guide apps for travel and navigation

Easy to find cheap gas with Gasbuddy

The gas prices for this app are submitted by users. If you use Gas Buddy — Find Cheap Gas, return the favor and use the app to report the prices you see at the gas stations you frequent.

Kayak Flight and Hotel Search (free; ad supported): Short of using a travel agent for your next vacation or business trip, Kayak Flight and Hotel Search might be your best bet for finding the best options and cheapest rates for wherever you plan to go. Kayak Flight and Hotel Search is a travel search engine that collects data from hundreds of sites — including airlines, hotels, travel agencies, and discount travel-booking sites.

free guide apps for travel and navigation

Get cheapest flights, hotels with useful app

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Google Maps (free): As with all things Google, the question is not what can Google Maps do, but what can’t it do? The fact that you can see maps and satellite views of virtually any part of our planet is just the tip of the iceberg. You aren’t limited to searching just what you see on the screen. Type anything you are looking for into the search bar, and Google Maps will locate it, no matter where it is in the world.

free guide apps for travel and navigation

Google maps can locate more than your expectation

Transport Maps (free): If you suddenly find yourself in need of a public transportation map for a major metropolitan area almost anywhere in the world, Transport Maps is always your solution. Use this app to download and view your prefer public transportation map. Users can add maps to the growing database by uploading them to the Transport Maps submission Web site. The maps are large, easy-to-read JPG files with which you can zoom and pan.

Live your life easier with useful apps for travel and navigation. You should pay to get better apps and experience premier services. There are so many kinds of travel apps for your to explore and take advance on your travel plan such as finding cheap flights, hotels, destinations and more.


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