Interesting experiences in Botswana, Africa

Botswana is not only a most prosperous nations but also fascinating tourist destinations in Africa. Let's explore this beautiful country of Botswana. And certainly much for visitors going to Botswana, unexpected things that are not there.


Meeting with the Lord of the wasteland

lions in botswana

Conservation Center in Central Kalahari National Park, is home to many rare animals such as antelopes, ostriches, Hyena ... and most especially the Kalahari Lions. Here, you can easily hear the roar of the Lions but every afternoon drivers while the Coachman or relax in upscale resorts.

Especially, if you like the adventure games, you could hire a van to be able to admire the overlordship of this desert. And make sure you won't forget this moment.

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Sailing across the flooded Delta region

Explore the vast plains on the dugout is an excellent way to be able to understand more about the civilizations that existed on this piece of land as well as admire the natural vistas here. 

If you're lucky, you can meet the elephants are drinking water or a serow are crossing the vast country fields. It is a experience in the region.

Meet the natives

natives in botswana

The San of the Kalahari desert are the first inhabitants of southern Africa. They have lived in the vast and arid lands around 20,000 years, and therefore, they have an extremely profound life capital and how to survive within the region.

Although their life has changed in recent years, but the knowledge he still is preserve and pass on to the following generation as well as the tourists to visit them.

Let them steps in the desert. You will learn many things weird. How to get to know the footprint, taking water from the underground, ... and even how to get to know the species of organisms-all of them just for you.

Explore the land of few people arrived

the land of few people arrived

In the dry season, the Chobe National Park became a fascinating land. To the North is the Linyanti and Chobe River where two confluence. Here is where the gathering of the species of elephants and water buffalo. Don't miss the Nxai Pan lands, there are many green lawns, watching each brush is the acacia. Thus, the giraffe enjoyed living here.

Nearby is the Makgadikgadi salt rice paddy quiet and rustic. However when the rainy season comes, here again is where gatherings of the species of antelope and Zebra. So, please choose the appropriate moment to enjoy the excitement of nature.

Visit to "the roof of the desert"

The ice fields in the Tsodilo Hills is located Northwest of Botswana is the convergence of many ancient rock paintings in the world. UNESCO statistics are about 4,500 paintings in an area of about 10 km ² here.

The paintings here expressing the relationship between the native habitat filled with harsh in this land. They are dated from the Neolithic until the early 19th century. The Hambukushu Aboriginal people and this place still doing the San place of worship from the ancient to the present. Therefore, always expressed proper reverence and when to visit this place.

 Enjoy nature and relax


The shack camp in Botswana is one of the most famous natural tourist destination in the world. They just have the expensive service has just got the breathtaking natural scenery of America. In particular, visitors can look cool at night by car or horse riding, 

Moreover, the Okavango Sandibe resorts with many architectural works are so beautiful design and trendy technology products would be the appropriate place for those who just want to enjoy the atmosphere of the wild nature just wanted to immerse yourself in the world of technology.

We wish you'll have an exciting vacation in Botswana !!!

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