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Singapore  is the smallest island nation in Southeast Asia and lies at the southern peninsular Malaysia. This is a dynamic city, rich in contrast, colorful but Singapore still has the harmonious combination of traditional Asian culture and the modernity of the West. Coming to Singapore, visitors will have the opportunity to admire and enjoy yourself in the city was dubbed the green - clean - beautiful. Besides, visitors also enjoy the taste cuisine from countries around the world such as Malaysia, China, India ... In particular, in Singapore, you also have the opportunity to delight in shopping occasion bargain place in the festival of this beautiful island.

Sentosa - Where satisfy your interests

sentosa, singapore

Sentosa is a romantic island with white sand beaches, attractions world-class, sea sports, golf courses and resorts.

Coming to Sentosa, travelers will experience countless amazing things with Parks Butterfly (Butterfly Park) and  Insect Kingdom (Insect Kingdom) or play the adventure game in Sentosa Luge Skyline Raceway.

Besides, you can reach the Museum of Images of Singapore (Images of Singapore) to explore the interesting things about the culture and the people here.

Not only, Sentosa also gives you the shopping experience and great food at the Centre or VivoCity versatile entertainment center Harbourfront Centre in St James Power Station.

Admiring Thian Hock Keng Temple

thian hock keng temple, singapore

Thian Hock Keng Temple are the fishermen and communities Fujian built in 1839 in order to express gratitude after the safe voyage and the temple is located in what used to be the harbor of Singapore before the land redevelopment.

Built in the traditional architectural style of southern China with materials of stone, tile and wood, with motifs of dragons, phoenixes, detailed carvings, intricate sculptures and imposing stately pillars - all perfectly assembled an amazingly without using any nails. This promises to be an attractive tourist destination for visitors who want to discover the history of the beautiful country of Singapore.

Singapore Zoo in opencast

singapore zoo

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Singapore Zoo is one of the most attractive places in Singapore, where you will visit a wide variety of flora and fauna, rare insects. It is suitable for small children to learn real these rare species that can only viewed on television, newspapers, pictures ... If you are a lover butterflies should not be overlooked in the Butterfly Garden right next to the zoo this pit, with many different species here that visitors are not surprised from.

Singapore Nightlife

singapore nightlife

 Singapore is one of the safest cities in the world so visitors can walk around, walk to shop safely even at night. Coming to the beautiful country of Singapore, visitors will live a modern life with thousands of fascinating experiences from the club, bar or nightclub Hooters dissipated famous destinations: Chijmes, Zouk, Mohamed Sultan, Clarke turned, turned Boat. Singapore will certainly be the ideal location for young travelers.

Enjoying  culinary flavors in Singapore

Coming to Singapore, you will enjoy the dishes with ethnic flavors from different countries such as: China, Malaysia, India, Peranakan and many other places.

Take a walk around the different neighborhoods, you will encounter the food processing Malay Muslim style, vegetarian thali tray of South Indian naan bread and rice mix of northern Briyani India, dim sum from Guangdong, Hainan chicken rice, Peking duck, Hokkien noodles (fried noodles of Fujian province, China) and Roll popiah (up beer) is available at the culinary center and home customers across Singapore.

dim sum

Chinese cuisine is one of the main areas in Singapore cuisine. Chinese people believe in a combination of materials to enhance the harmony of yin and yang in the dishes. Feeds can also be used with the iconic, like noodles symbolize longevity, oysters omen symbolizing garment and fish symbolizes prosperity flourish.

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A visit to Singapore will give you the opportunity to taste dishes from various regions of China, such as the delicious dim sum, roast and soup Guangdong potential of migration, spicy dishes Sichuan and delicious chicken rice dish originated from Hainan province. Famous tofu dish cornered, or soy soup with fish ball, the contribution of the Hakka ....

If you are a follower of Indian cuisine, you can have your choice of dishes from the south and north of the subcontinent. South features thosai rice cakes for vegetarians, seafood and spicy curry with coconut milk variety. North also has the less spicy curries, dishes with creamy yogurt, cooked dishes in a clay pot over charcoal served with naan bread soft.

indian cruise

Malay culinary arts in Singapore will give you the opportunity to enjoy a variety of spices and herbs such as ginger, turmeric, galangal, lime leaves, curry leaves, pungent Belachan (shrimp sauce) and hot peppers. You'll find spicy dishes without overheating is by using a lot of coconut milk and local spices.

Unique cuisine of the Peranakan or Nonya cuisine called brings a blend of Chinese cuisine, Malaysia and Indonesia, a combination of herbs and aromatic spices such as lemon grass roots, peppers, sauce tamarind, shrimp sauce and coconut milk to create a superb culinary flavor of braised dishes, stews and curries.


Besides. Singapore also gives you a lot of delicacies from all over the globe, from Thailand, Korea, Vietnamto Mongolia.

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