Things Not to Do in Hawaii

If it is the first time you have traveled to Hawaii, you might not aware about this problem. There are many things to do and also some things not to do you should to remember to have the best interesting safe vacation in Hawaii. Everywhere has own customs which many strangers don’t know and so does Hawaii. Here are some things not to do when traveling to Hawaii recommended for you. 



Beautìul beach in Hawaii 

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Don't Leave Any Valuables in Your Rental Car

While Hawaii is much safer than most of the USA in terms of violent crime (rape, robbery, murder), it does have a higher rate of property crime.

There are easy ways to identify rental cars in Hawaii and most locals know how to do so. When you park your car, do not leave any valuables anywhere in the car. Not even the trunk should be considered safe.

Don't Spend All of Your Time at Your Resort

Granted, Hawaii has some of the best beaches in the world, but there is so much more to Hawaii than just its wonderful beaches. The islands are all beautiful and quite different from each other.

Get away from your hotel or resort and see the islands. In addition to the amazing natural wonders that you'll encounter, there are so many great activities to do in Hawaii.

Don't Swim Alone

There are two principal causes of deaths while people swim along - drowning or shark attack.

Why do these people die? There is no one there to help them. Our best advice is to swim only at lifeguard protected beaches or with licensed snorkel or scuba diving tour companies. Find out more about water safety in Hawaii and how to reduce the risk of shark attack.

Don't Spend All of Your First Full Day in the Sun

Why shouldn’t you spend all of your first full day in the sun. The reason is that the sun in Hawaii is very hot and it is very easy to get a severe sunburn. If you decide to spend time in the sun, approach it gradually and use plenty of sunscreen. 

Don't Forget to Tip

In some countries it's not considered necessary or even appropriate. Because Hawaii is a very expensive place to live. Locals who work in the service industry rely on tips to live. Not only does this include servers in restaurants and hotel bell and valet staff, but also such folks as tour guides.

Don't Keep Your Shoes on When Entering a Home

Because of its large population of Asian heritage, it has become a common practice to remove ones shoes before entering a person's home in Hawaii. I have found this to be a custom of most current residents of all races. Unless the owner specifically tells you that it's OK to keep your shoes on, be prepared to remove them. If you rent a condominium for your stay, don't be surprised to find a sign on the door from the owner requesting that you remove your shoes.

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