Top 10 famous landmarks in Spain

Gaur country is one of the attractive destinations in the European countries, conquering tourists traditional beauty with modern mixed. Speaking to Spain can not forget to mention 10 the following landmarks.

1. Alhambra

Alhambra in Spain

Part fortress, part palace and part garden the Alhambra is situated on a plateau overlooking the city of Granada in southern Spain. The palace was constructed in the 14th century by the Nasrid sultans. The Alhambra is now one of Spain’s major tourist attractions and many visitors come to Granada just to see the Alhambra.

2. Cordoba

Cordoba in Spain

Many visitors believe that Cordoba is the most beautiful destinations in southern Spain. The city is testament to the many different cultures have developed here. The small streets are whitewashed, the houses ... are all part of the charm in Cordoba.

3. El Escorial

El Escorial in Spain

Nestled in the foothills of the Sierra de Guadarrama, El Escorial was the political center of the Spanish empire under King Philip II. Philip appointed Juan Bautista de Toledo as the architect in 1559 and together they designed El Escorial as a monument to Spain’s role as a center of the Christian world. Today it functions as a monastery, royal palace, museum, and school.

4. Madrid

Madrid is the capital of Spain

The capital of Spain is known for large Boulevard, enchanting palaces, museums and bustling squares. Glamor mixed with the ancient definition of the Madrid always make people come here to be admired.

5. Mezquita of Cordoba

Mezquita of Cordoba in Spain

The Mezquita (Spanish for “Mosque”) of Cordoba is a fascinating building famous for the forest of pillars and arches inside the main hall. The site was originally a Roman temple, then a Visigothic church, before the Umayyad Moors built the Mezquita. After the Spanish Reconquista a cathedral was built into the center of the large Moorish building.

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 6. Marbella

Marbella in Spain

If you are looking for a nice beach, a wonderful coastline, you should not ignore Marbella in Malaga. Natural sightseeing, enjoy delicious food, sipping Wine in Marbella, you have the perfect holiday.

7. The Sagrada Familia 

Sagrada Familia in Spain

The Sagrada Familia is a large Roman Catholic church in Barcelona, and one of Spain’s most visited tourist attractions. It’s a design by Antoni Gaudi, a Catalan architect who worked on this project for almost 40 years until his death in 1926. The construction of the basilica began in 1882 and still as yet not finished.

8. Bilbao

Bilbao in Spain

Bilbao Guggenheim Museum has become the iconic landmark of this city. Built in 1997, the museum is sheathed with titanium. Additionally, Begona cathedral built in 1519 to commemorate the arrival of the saint Mary is also an attractive destination in Bilbao.

9. Cuenca

Cucenca in Spain

Situated between Madrid and Valencia, Cuenca is a marvelous example of a medieval city, built on the steep sides of a mountain. The many “hanging houses” are built right up to the cliff edge, making Cuenca one of the most striking towns in Spain, a gem in the province of Castilla La Mancha.

10. Segovia

Segovia in Spain

Most tourist attractions are the Alcazar in Segovia, a picture perfect fortress from the 13th century.

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