Top 10 monumental electronic music festivals in the world (Part 1)

If the faithful of electronic music, then perhaps nothing is more wonderful to be immersed in the mid-air explosion at an outdoor music festival. The perfect combination between the magical light, uplifting music, passionate commentary of the DJ or MC, and the cheering of the crowd excited, might have become the brand featured at music festival Electronic music. Let's go over top 10 monumental electronic music festivals that any fans always expect to be involved in it.


Tomorrowlad - monumental electronic music festivals

Tomorrowland was voted the No. 1 music festivals the world according to DJ Mag magazine Charisma. Despite age less competitive than the "elder" other (the first was held in 2005) but with extremely monumental scale of his work appeared in Tomorrowland is probably the desire of every all EDM music lovers. Indeed, even as fans, are present in Tomorrowland to enjoy performances by idols, or is the DJ, starred as a performance artist, then this will be a must have gone unforgettable experience.

Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC)

EDC - electronic music festivals

With the leading symbol is the giant owl colorful, EDC is the sequence of festivals organized by the "barons of the electronic music event" Isomniac. New place not long ago, 2015 to be held at EDC Las Vegas has left a deep impression on viewers. Comes just as a party in a warehouse in Los Angeles, USA in 1992, yet to date, EDC has been expanding outside the United States. Except many organizations in the cities of America, EDC also has a number of other destinations are the United Kingdom, Mexico and Brazil. In addition, it is also one of the largest music festival was broadcast live on the Internet for fans around the world, who do not have the opportunity to participate in the festival can be tracked.

Ultra Music Festival (UMF)

UMF can view the electronic music festival with "coverage" of the world's largest. The first was held in Miami in 1999, until now, theatrical UMF has spread globally. From America (Brazil, Chile, Colombia ...) through Asia (Japan, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, ...) or even Africa (South Africa), UMF has always received the enthusiastic support of the fan.

UMF - electronic music fetivals

Not inferior to any festival, UMF Miami also be held for 3 days, including a lot of different stage with more than 165,000 attendees. UMF Miami this year is a combination of the performance of the emerging names and emerging as: Jauz, MakJ, Oliver Heldens ... next to the names and leading veteran such as Skrillex, Armin van Burren and Laidback Luke. And like every year, to be broadcast live on Youtube is a big plus point for UMF score points in the eyes of fans. With the growth and its monumental and market expansion to Asia, hoping to one day will arrive UMF Vietnam.

Electric Zoo

electronic zoo - electronic music festivals

As a monumental electronic music festivals from the USA anymore. While not on par with two festivals on the history as well as the monumental, but not so that the stage Electric Zoo absence of top names. Established since 2009, the first festival season attracted 26,000 attendees, but only after two years, Electric Zoo has affirmed its position and its quality as the official festival for 3 days and drew more than 85,000 attendees. Not only that Electric Zoo 4 consecutive years to be nominated "Best Dance Event" (the leading dance music events) from the International Dance Music Awards.


A special feature of the festival comes from the Dutch music is that it is held indoors. During the first 5 years (from 2000 to 2005), Sensation was held at the Amsterdam Arena stadium. Until the present time, the festival has an international reach as stage Sensation has been present in many countries worldwide, including Belgium, Canada, England, Italy, Russia, the US, South Korea, South Africa, Thailand , Taiwan...

sensation festival

2nd special feature that one can not fail to mention, is that there are two festivals Sensation with 2 different themes. If the Sensation stage (formerly known as Sensation White) with the dominant white cardboard Black (formerly Sensation Black) bring a dark black tones. Two contrasting colors represent true color, atmosphere and theme of the 2 party music. If White symbolizes purity and should fly mostly played music here is Trance (now moved through the House), the Black chose the music is somewhat dark and cool than Hardstyle and Hardcore.

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