Top Best Small-Town Festivals In America (Part 1)

Not only are many festivals held in big towns, but also country’s best festivals sometimes take place in small towns in America. They come under different levels of size, scope, themes in all sectors such as entertainment, food and more with a variety of events. You will be satisfied when catching music festivals, film festivals, flower festivals, food festival here. Together explore best small-town festival below and then you might choose for yourselves a destination from them for the next travel.

1. TEXAS SANDFEST, Port Aransas, Texas

Usually, take place in April during three days, however, it can not say exactly the day Texas Sandfest begins. It depends on predicted tide charts. Existing from 1997, this festival has attracted professional sculptors and amateurs flock to the gorgeous Port Aransas to create the most creative sand sculptures they can imagine. Besides, coming to this festival, visitors have chances to enjoy live music, entertainment, and take sand sculpting lessons.

texas sandfest

Texas sandfest

2. ELKHART JAZZ FESTIVAL, Elkhart, Indiana

Since launching in 1988, the Elkhart Jazz Festival has grown from 67 musicians and 3,000 attendees to more than 100 performers and more than 15,000 audience members. The annual festival takes place in June in northern Indiana and is run by more than 200 volunteers. Known as the Band Instrument Capital of the World, Elkhart is home to more than 2,000 people who build instruments, many of which are showcased in the festival. 

Elkhart Jazz Festival

Elkhart Jazz Festival

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3. FLORIDA SEAFOOD FESTIVAL, Apalachicola, Florida

Dubbed Florida’s oldest maritime event, the state’s Seafood Festival draws tens of thousands of visitors every year. Held from Friday to Saturday during the first weekend of November, the festival includes highly competitive oyster eating and oyster shucking competitions, a carnival, a 5K run, fireworks, the blessing of the fleet, a parade, musical entertainment (Kellie Pickler and Craig Campbell have performed in past years), and plenty of delicious food. The festival takes place on the Apalachicola River at Battery Park.

Seafood Festival

Seafood Festival 

4. LILAC FESTIVAL, Mackinac Island, Michigan

Lilac festival takes place during June annually in Mackinac Island where visitors see the lilac blooming fully. Throughout many years, some things have changed in this festival, but something traditional as crowning a Lilac Queen have still remained. Additionally, Lilac festival also features interesting concerts in the park, the lilac walk and talk, dancing, tours, and the beautiful flowering trees—some more than 150 years old. 

Lilac festival

Lilac festival

5. TELLURIDE FILM FESTIVAL, Telluride, Colorado



Rachel Mcadams at telluride film festival

The special thing attracting more than 3,000 people each year to Telluride film festival is that you won’t know movies are showing, which celebrities are attending, or who is being honored. The festival includes film screenings and premieres, Q&A sessions, Tribute awards, and plenty of special guests, ranging from Reese Witherspoon to Brad Pitt to Jon Stewart. This is an event receiving much attention and love from visitors. This festival is one of the interesting destinations for many visitors. 

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