Top Best Under-the-Radar Things to Do in Paris (Part 1)

Paris is a very popular destination and is one of the best choice of many visitors. However , besides visiting the popular sights of the Eiffel Tower or known as the Louvre , what to do , places to visit in Paris the other ? Be glad to say that it is the abundance of interesting things to do in this city of Lights . Keep these in mind and have a great trip to Paris in the near future .


Swim in a cool pool

swim in a cool pool

Have you ever come to a cool pool? 

Paris's aquatic gems are a great place to feel Parisian right down to your skin. Flooded with daylight, glass-roofed Piscine Pontoise—a model of Art Deco design tucked between Notre Dame cathedral and the Jardin des Plantes—is illuminated only by underwater lights 'til midnight on weeknights. The recently renovated Piscine Molitor is open to guests at the MGallery Hotel only, but it may be worth the splurge for a dip in Paris's most glorious pool.

Explore an unknown Asian art museum

This hidden gem reopened in 2012 after a total renovation restored the elegant mansion to its late-19th-century splendor. Once the home of passionate collector Clémence d'Ennery, the wife of a successful Parisian playwright, the 7,000-piece Musée d'Ennery was lovingly assembled over 30 years and donated, house and all, to the Musée Guimet. Exquisite Chinese and Japanese porcelains, stamps, figurines, carvings, and ivories, dating from the 12th to the 19th centuries, fill dozens of gorgeously inlaid cabinets punctuated by larger sculptures, furniture, and a spectacular collection of rare inlaid trunks. The museum accommodates small groups two Saturdays a month, so be sure to plan ahead and book early.

Musée d'Ennery

Musée d'Ennery 

Visit a Parisian salon 

There's no better way to plunge into French culture than to visit one of Paris's bustling trade shows. Twice a year, the Salon des Vins et Vignerons Indépendants assembles more than 500 winemakers from every corner of France, all offering a taste of the goods. A small fee buys you entrance and a tasting glass, so you can sip, swill, or spit out all day long (there's also an aisle for gourmet snacks and sandwiches). A nine-day extravaganza, the Salon International d'Agriculture features produce, foods from around the world, livestock, and all good things from down on the French farm. The world's biggest chocolate event, the Salon de Chocolat, held every fall, features everything chocolate, from the bean to the finest pastries, plus tastings and a chocolate fashion show (yes, they even wear it). Visit a Parisian salon is one of the best things to do in Paris.

Salon International d'Agriculture

Salon International d'Agriculture

Explore an amazing Gothic Cathedral 

Everyone has heard of the great Notre Dame cathedral, but history buffs will send you straight to the Basilique Saint-Denis, a mere 20 minutes from central Paris on metro line 13. A masterpiece of Gothic and Romanesque architecture, the church was built over a 150-year period beginning in 1136, and is the final resting place of the kings and queens of France—including Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette—whom you will see in exquisite marble effigies. With so much history to take in, a guided tour in English, available by reservation, is recommended.

Gothic and Romanesque architecture

Gothic and Romanesque architecture

Sip on a cocktail with a view

The Peninsula Paris'

The Peninsula Paris' 

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There has been an explosion of new cocktail bars in Paris, but taking in panoramic views of the city while sipping your drink is still a tall order. Though at different ends of the glamour spectrum, two hotel bars boast to-die-for views. On the higher end, the spectacular Peninsula hotel's L'Oiseau Blanc, named after a French plane lost in a 1927 attempt to cross the Atlantic (a full-size replica is suspended outside), offers 360° views from the restaurant, bar, and terrace. More modest in presentation but not in awe factor, the Holiday Inn Notre Dame's 43 Up the Roof bar is the sixth arrondissement's best-kept secret. Open every night after 5 pm, an elevator takes you up to the top floor, where this terrace bar reveals the entire city in front of you.

Take in a film at a historic movie theater 

Louxor cinema

Louxor cinema

In 2013, the Louxor cinema, a masterpiece of Egyptian-inspired Art Deco architecture, reopened its doors after a total restoration. A designated historic monument situated in the scruffy, but up-and-coming Pigalle neighborhood, the cinema screens art-house films—many of them American—and offers a café-bar with a terrace and views of Sacré-Coeur. La Pagode is exactly that, a pagoda brought lock, stock, and barrel from Japan and converted into a cinema. Restored to its original glory, La Pagode shows international and art-house films (and tea can be had in the Japanese gardens). Dating from 1932, the illustrious Grand Rex boasts Europe's largest screening room and a Baroque-inspired decor, complete with frescoed ceilings and fountains. The Fondation Pathéopened in 2014 in a historic building—complete with sculptures by Rodin—restored with a shimmering 21st-century addition by Renzo Piano. The foundation contains a movie museum, featuring historic posters, cameras, and projectors, plus a small, state-of-the-art screening room. If you don’t know things to do next in Paris, here is the great answer for you.

Dine chez nous! 

Dine chez nous

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With these things to do we recommend above, hope you explore Paris in the best way. 

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