Travel to Japan this year, you'll make purchase with the fingerprints

If you are intending to make a travel to the Land of Rising Sun, Japan, this summer, then it's so great choice as you will likely have the chance to experience a very unique paying system with just your fingerprints. That sounds so convenient and easy???

Japan will soon apply new payment system with fingerprints

Japan will soon apply new payment system with fingerprints

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Well, this smart system is described to help the travelers go shopping and make purchase in a much more safer, simpler, and quicker way without stocking up on Japanese Yen or filling any tax exemption forms when paying for something. Everything you have to do is just putting the finger on a special scanner and after that the system will fully process your transaction so quickly.

In order to pay with fingerprints in Japan, the foreign travelers just need to register their fingerprints at the airport to start shopping, and wouldn't even have to worry about showing the passport when checking into your lodgings. Only 300 tuorist locations in a handful of areas (Atami, Hakone, Kamakura and Yugawara) will participate at first, but it should keep expanding to the point where it's available nationwide in 2020 right when Tokyo is hosting the Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games

Fingerprints payment system

Fingerprints payment system

Now, a fingerprint payment scheme involving more than 30 businesses is in operation at the Huis Ten Bosch theme park in the Nagasaki Prefecture, while Tokyo-based Aeon Bank also plans to launch the very first fingerprint-operated ATM so soon. In spite of the fact that similar systems are already seeing success in Japan, many critics still doubt about the possibility to make this happen with the question of "if overseas visitors will really be willing to register their fingerprints on arrival".

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