Why you shoud visit Suzhou in Chinese?

Chinese is a country where we can not ignore when you decide travel to Asian. Chinese will bring visitors have fun experience about the rich tradition country, culture and history. And Suzhou is the destination you should visit when travel in Chinese.

Here are 3 reasons why you should visit Suzhou.

The Canals

Shantang Street

Shantang Street

Suzhou is just a 30 minute bullet train ride away from Shanghai, but it’s an entirely different kind of city. While Shanghai is smoggy and industrial Suzhou is known as the Venice of Chinese due to it’s many canals and elegant bridges.

The Classical Gardens

The Classical gardens

The Humble Administator’s Garden

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Suzhou is known for it’s many beautiful gardens, which collectively are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Built over the course of one thousand years (!), the gardens are unique, artistic, and look incredible.

The Food

The Food in  Suzhou

The Food in Suzhou

The most important reason to go anywhere, but particularly anywhere in Chinese, is for the food. Suzhou has it’s own unique cuisine, which is known to be slightly sweet with an emphasis on fresh produce and fish. Fried crabs are popular, as is a rather perplexing sounding dish called “squirrel shaped Mandarin fish.”

How fun would it be to explore this relatively unknown side of Chinese food?

Win a Trip to Suzhou



Suzhou Tourism is giving 9 North Americans (plus one guest each) the chance to visit Suzhou, all expenses paid.

The winners will receive a quintessential Suzhou experience including visits to a selection of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and authentic experiences at iconic restaurants. Trip includes round-trip airfare, hotel, most meals, and transportation within Suzhou.

If you are freting about select 1 place for your holiday,  Suzhou in Chinese promises to be an exciting place for you with family and friends!

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