PS4 video game console is more powerful than Xbox One?

PS4 (PlayStation 4) and Xbox One are the two most wanted home entertainment console. They both give players a whole new immersive gaming experience, increase social interaction and entertainment integration, and offer players a giant library of digital games. They directly compete with each other. And as we enter 2016, there is also an increase in the number of question of whether to buy PS4 or Xbox One. And since both of these home video games consoles were announced nearly at the same time or the same release date and sold at a similar price, this question just becomes a never ending controversy. 

Sony PS4 and Windows XBox One

Sony PS4 vs Windows XBox One

However, when we look at the core specs of both of these consoles, it seems like the Sony PlayStation 4 is more powerful than Xbox One gaming system.

Why is PS4 more powerful than Xbox One?


A hasty glance at the specs of Sony PS4 and Microsoft Xbox One suggests that they both offer similar performances. Both of them have eight-core processors. Their CPUs are formed from AMD. And a technology layman might even assume that they own identical innards.

However, the fact is that they don’t

We may not know the inner workings of the consoles’ hardware, however, we know that the most difference is RAM, the couriers of the computer world.

While the Sony PlayStation 4 or PS4 uses 5.5GHz GDDR5 RAM, the Xbox One uses 2.1GHz DDR3 RAM. So they will have different ways of operating. And this has considerable knock-on effects on the gaming potential of these two consoles. 

The “G” in PS4’s GGDR5 RAM shorts for Graphics. This is a kind of memory commonly used in dedicated PC graphics cards. So while DDR3 in Xbox 1 is used for main system memory, GDDR5 in PlayStation 4 is used for graphics-based tasks. 

Sony PS4 home video game console

Sony PS4 home video console

Bandwidth and memory

And GDDR5 sacrifices its latency, the speed with which memory tasks can be initiated for bandwidth. Bandwidth defines the speed at which tasks can be performed once started. And it is imperative when shifting big data or rendering high-quality textures.

So the memory bandwidth of Playstation 4 console is at 176GB/second while the Xbox 1 memory bandwidth is at 68GB/second. Playstation 4 is tech outlier. GDDR5 is only currently available in 512MB chips, so the console will need a whopping 16 of them.

So what about the Xbox One? Is it stuffed? Well, Microsoft Xbox 1 has developed an eSRAM buffer to alleviate its pretty low-bandwidth of DDR3. So a tiny amount 32MB of this memory in Xbox one can operate in parallel with the main DDR3 memory quite fast. 

However, the question is whether this memory configuration can offer the same performance as PS4? If it doesn't, greater texture pop-in or lower texture quality within games are two obvious sacrifices. The figures reveal the PS4 will maintain the upper hand. GDDR5 memory is considerably more expensive than DDR3.

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Xbox One

Xbox 1 is 10 percent larger than Xbox 360

The Xbox One is 10% larger than the Xbox 360. So could the more powerful PS4 be even larger?

Even though both Xbox 1 and ps4 consoles own AMD-made GPUs, the PS4’s is much more powerful. A tear-down from Wired magazine divulges that the Sony PS4’s GPU has 50% more shader cores than the Xbox 1 – 1,152 against 768. PS4 also owns stronger TFLOP (rated at 1.8 TFLOPs) which measure operations they can perform per second than Xbox 1 (1.23 TFLOPs).

So as we look into technical elements Sony PlayStation 4 is somewhat more powerful than the Xbox One.

So which one would you choose in this war? Visuals or Tech? Find out more about PS4 and Xbox one from its release date until now here!

 ps4 vs xbox 1

With the similar price, which one would you choose to buy? PlayStation 4 or Xbox 1?

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