Civil War – Which Team Would Other Marvel Stars Pick Up? Get the latest news on Civil War movie – the blockbuster from Marvel Studios this season.
Deadpool has overwhelmed Iron Man for earning over $700 Million Ever since Deadpool has theatrical released last month, it has showed off something of a box office heavyweight, and has attracted attention away from many other worthy competitors over the course of...

New Civil War Movie Footage


Monday, 21/03/2016 03:03
New Civil War Movie Footage Marvel reveals New Civil War Movie Footage. Get to know latest behind the scenes news, trailer, video on the hottest movie of the season.

Hitman Episode 1 2016: Paris Review


Monday, 21/03/2016 03:03
Hitman Episode 1 2016: Paris Review Hitman episode 1 2016 - Paris, starting off twenty years in the past, showing how Agent 47 was recruited into the program.
The Walking Dead attraction available in Universal Studios Hollywood this summer The walking dead addicts and Universal Studios Hollywood Horror Nights will be so happy to know this new attraction will come to Los Angeles theme park in 2016
New movie based on the Square Enix Thief reboot Straight Up Films - Los Angeles-based production company announced that they have acquired film rights to Square Enix’s video game franchise Thief with plans to develop a Thief movie.

Civil War movie trailer has released


Satuday, 26/03/2016 11:03
Civil War movie trailer has released Latest news for today! Here comes the Civil War trailer. No more waiting for its release date. Get ready for the biggest war ever. The New Captain America: Civil War Trailer is Here!
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