London – The ideal destination for travelers around the world

Reminder to Europe we can't not mention the great beautiful city- the city of London-the capital of the United Kingdom. This is the city of the ancient city, a long but extremely vibrant and busy. It is also a major financial centre and attracting investment to the most powerful in the world. London deserves a great destination for traveller to discover.


London- The global financial center

financial centre

From the end of the century 15th to17th century, London flourished in finance-trade and became the center of trade in Europe. Today, London is still the one financial center-top of the world trade. This is also where the Government leaders, the Royal family lived and worked.

London – Centre of culture and education in the UK

centre culture

London is also the centre of culture and education of the country with the University, Technical University, the Royal Academy of Arts in London, the British Academy; more than 30 museums, including the British Museum, the National Art Museum, the Science Museum; nearly 80 theatres such as the Royal Opera House, the Shakespeare Theater ...

London-City travel

As the city attracts tourists for the world with 16.8 million visitors have come to visit in 2013. Taciturn and acient features  of London along with the air no less eventful night in the restaurant, the works of art never makes the visitors gets boring.

Palace of Westminster

palace of westminster

Located right by the River Thames, facing the Tower of Big Ben is viewed as an architectural masterpiece of humanity.

Tower Bridge London 

tower brigde london

This  is a combined work with lifting bridge suspension bridge over the River Thames in London, United Kingdom. The bridge was completed in 1894, is located adjacent to the Tower of London, becoming a famous icon, associated with the city of London and England in General.

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The Tower Of Big Ben

tower of big ben

The full name is the clock tower of the Palace of Westminster is a structure of the clock tower in the North-East side of the houses of Parliament in Westminster, London, England. The Tower of Big Ben is considered one of the most precious icon of England.

London Zoo 

london zoo

It is one of the tourist spots are many families choose to come here. The Zoo is the oldest scientific Zoo in the world, is the refuge of more than 17.000 animals drug 755 different species.

Trafalgar Square

trafalgar square london

Trafalgar Square is one of the most famous city square in the world and has become a social and political center of the people of London as well as domestic and foreign visitors.

Let’s go to London and finding yourself a memorable experience.

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