Watch Reviews: Bulova Marine Star Watch

As the name kind of suggests, the Bulova Marine Star Watch For Men range of watches are water resistant and when a watch can be used in water you can often expect the rest of it to also be exceptionally well made. The good news is that this is indeed the case with this particular range and the reasons why this is the case will now be discussed.

Bulova Marine Star Watch

Bulova Marine Star Watch

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To start off with you should know that different models will have various styles and colors of faces with some certainly being more elaborate than others. What we are best to do is to just look at the technology that appears in all of them and then allow you to select the one that has the greatest appeal according to the style that you prefer.

Keeping that in mind it is worth saying that they all contain the standard Japanese quartz movement and this at least lets you know that it will be extremely accurate when it comes to its time keeping and indeed you will be able to see this due to the quality face that comes with every model. What you will find with the different models is that the face is protected by a mineral crystal and this lets you read the time without any problems, but still protects it from bumps or picking up any scratches. The case itself is stainless steel and of course this also means that the water is going to be unable to penetrate the case and affect the inner workings helping to really make it water resistant.

Another thing to know about the watch is that the hands are luminous and the numbers are clearly defined no matter the model that you actually buy. It is always going to be easy to read the time no matter the conditions or the design of face that you have as Bulova have clearly focused on making this watch very easy to use, but at the same time made sure that it looks fantastic at all times.

Finally you will also see that the straps are also stainless steel and they are held on with the normal clasp mechanism that you find on a whole host of other watches. The clasp itself is certainly well made and you do feel that when the watch is on that it will be held on your wrist and will not simply burst open and fall off. Clearly this is important because the last thing you want is to spend this money on a watch for it to simply drop off, so clearly they have thought of every aspect when designing this range.

So if you are looking for a watch that is water resistant and you want something that is classy, then you should certainly consider checking out the models that are available within this particular range and see if something interests you. There is no doubt that they are exceptionally well made, are precise when it comes to telling the time, and will also look good on your wrist no matter if you are at work or just relaxing and due to the quality of the product you can expect it to last you for a number of years without running into any problems.

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