10 easy ways to find cheap flights (Part 2)

Continue the previous article of 10 easy ways to find cheap flights, now, we're about to get the remaining part of it with other useful tips on getting cheap airline tickets. Let's get started right away. Here we go!!!

Are you ready to get cheap flights?

Are you ready to get cheap flights?

6. Don't Forget the Discounters

To be honest, discount airlines can save you a lot of money, but they, of course, aren't always so easy for us to find and get for sure. Luckily for consumers, discounters are cropping up more frequently on aggregators and flight booking sites but there are still a few holdouts, like Allegiant and Southwest Air, whose fares can't be found nowhere else, except for their own websites. 

If you are traveling outside the U.S., to Asia, Africa or Europe, please sure to not forget to check out the international discount airlines as well.

7. Consider an Air Pass

Consider an Air Pass for cheaper flights

Consider an Air Pass for cheaper flights

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Well, depending on the particular tourism promoting program in each country, many national airlines offer air passes at reduced rates for the tourists. Hence, if you are planning to do extensive travel in one country or region, an air pass might be your most cost-effective choice to consider.

8. Use Your Frequent Flier Miles

Despite the fact that redeeming miles has become more and more difficult in recent years, it is still a very great choice for you to take into consideration, especially if you are booking early. Normally, airlines always designate a limited number of seats on each flight as eligible for award travel, and these seats go really quickly. So, please make sure to try this tip when booking a flight, and who knows you are really a lucky person.

9. Get a Refund When Prices Go Down

Get your money back if it's possible

Get your money back if it's possible

In case that the fares go down after you have purchased the airline ticket, ask for a refund! You may not always get one, but policies vary from airlines to airlines, and many of them don't really make clear the fact that they'll refund customers the difference when prices go down. It can't hurt to ask. That's the guide here.

10. Check for Deals and Discounts

Again, deals and discounts for plane tickets vary from airlines to airlines, which might also change by time; therefore, what you should do here is to check out all news and information related to discounts and deals enough to get the most advantage ones.

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