Flight Reviews: Best day to buy airline tickets

Best day to buy airline tickets.

If you often travel by plane and also want to save money on flights, surely you will pay attention to time to book a flight. In fact, the airline tickets for the same flight don’t have a certain cost. However, it might be changed depending on the time you book it. If you often care about flights, you will love Tuesday which is the best day for booking flights. Read the guide to take own cheapest flights.

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The best time to book cheap flights

According to a recent Expedia report, the average flight ticket costs $561 when you purchase on a Tuesday, the cheapest day to buy. On Fridays, for example, tickets cost $571. And if you buy three weeks in advance, you'll save the most money with tickets costing just $515 on Tuesday, or $522 on Friday. The booking site analyzed fares for all domestic and international flights originating in the US to determine its figures.

Although you won’t save a huge amount of cash by booking on a Tuesday, you'll still save a little over 5%, or approx. $28 off the average ticket price. Avoid booking on Fridays, Saturdays, and Mondays, as they're the worst in terms of pricing. Apparently, everyone wants to get away for the weekend -- or as soon as they get back into the office on Monday.

Citing data from the Airlines Reporting Corporation, Expedia also found if you book 57 days before your domestic flight, you can save as much as $85 on a ticket; for international travel, booking a whopping 171 days in advance could save as much as $300. But who knows what they’re doing 171 days in advance?

As for flying, Expedia suggests leaving on Thursday and returning on Monday works out cheaper for long-haul flights, and costs about 20% less than flying out on a Friday and returning on a Saturday. On shorter flights, your best bet is to head out and back on a Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Other affordable combinations include outbound and inbound flights on a Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

What are you waiting for -- ticket prices to go up?! Book a trip this Tuesday, and be somewhere much warmer 171 days from now.

With this information, hope all you get the cheapest flight for yourself.

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