The Best Ways to reduce the cost of booking Summer cheap Flights to Europe

You have a dream of an Europe vacation but your budget is not always full to give this. Or you are confusing because of the flight tickets cost to Europe? There are still ways to overcome this problem. Read these tips below and get the best ways to save flight tickets cost and make a trip to Europe immediately. 

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Travel in late summer.

Aside from the rare last-minute bargain, airfares nearly always go up as your travel date approaches. As we noted in Want the Lowest Fare? Here's When to Book, the best time to purchase Europe flights is at least three months in advance -- so the later in the summer you can travel, the better.

Another reason fares are lower in late August: Many students and teachers are headed back to school, making for slightly lower demand.

Fly on a weekday.

For the aforementioned New York-to-Paris flight, the lowest-priced flight was on a Tuesday. Midweek flights tend to be cheaper across the board. Aim for Tuesday or Wednesday departures and returns.

Fly to a gateway city.

This rings especially true if you're planning to go to Central or Eastern Europe -- flying to Western European cities tends to be much cheaper, and then you can connect with flights on one of dozens of European discount airlines.

London especially is one of the most affordable hubs in Europe, with a plethora of no-frills airlines -- easyJet and Ryanair among the longest-running, most popular and best priced. Frankfurt and Amsterdam are two others.

Let's say you're planning to spend a week in Poland. Flights from Boston to Krakow in mid-July are priced at $1,172 including taxes and fees, but flying from Boston to London on the same dates is only $793. Using -- the best website to aggregate flights on Europe's discount airlines -- we turned up a rate of $105 roundtrip for Ryanair flights between London and Berlin (and that's expensive for Ryanair; we've seen rates as low as 20 bucks!).5. Consider nearby departure airports.

Consider nearby departure airports.

As in the tip above, maybe it's worthwhile to consider other airports besides the one closest to your house. Could you save a hundred dollars by driving to Montreal for your departure instead of flying out of Ottawa?

Sign up for special alerts.

You probably already receive the weekly email blasts and special offers that airlines send out, but don't expect miracles from them; so many people receive them that it can be hard to nab a deal when it's available. 

Buy a package deal.

Package deals that include lodging and/or rental cars can often save you money over purchasing all the elements of your trip individually, especially if you're flying into and out of different cities.

For example, a nine-night trip to Eastern Europe, including New York-to-Prague and Budapest-to-New York flights, nine nights' hotel, breakfast, train fare between cities and hotel taxes, starts at $1,309 per person through The flight alone costs $932 per person on Expedia; nine nights' worth of hotel accommodations would easily add up to more than $754 ($377 per person), even before you factor in train fare or breakfast.

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