5 famous foods in Paris that you should try

Paris always sweet not only by the romantic places, but also thanks to the great food. If the opportunity to the capital of France, you should try 5 famous foods below to get the memorable experience of culinary Paris.

1. Macaron cake

New macaron cake known and arrived in Vietnam for some time now. But in Paris, this cake has become a symbol of the city without diners can overlook.

The traditional macaron cake shaped like chocopie popular in Vietnam but more colorful with many people like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, orange, lemon, green tea ...

Maracon cake- 5 famous foods in Paris that you should try

Macaron has some very unique variations like Ispahan dishes - cakes with fresh strawberry macaron's flavor. In addition, a macaron ice cream cake (macaron ice cream sandwich) is also not a bad option for the hot summer. In Paris, you can enjoy at the Pierre Herme macarons - a top restaurant in the creation and processing of French pastries.

2. Hot Chocolate

A cup of chocolate was nothing strange to us. However, drinking chocolate is a Paris dining experience very enjoyable. Cup of bitter chocolate mixed with sweetness, the milk fat is very attractive indeed. After a day visiting Paris, a cup of hot chocolate will help your fatigue disappear in an instant.

chocolate- 5 famous foods in paris that you should try

Characterized quaint cafés and romantic L'Ebouillante is home to a very famous hot chocolate. The cup of hot chocolate here is made from 100% chocolate, so its flavor is very charming and extremely unique, different types of chocolate made from cocoa powder to drink often.

3. Croissants (croissants)

Croissant is a popular type of bread from France. They are made out by numerous thin layers of rolled wheat married. Smell fragrant butter hidden between layers, making pie dough flavor particularly delicious. In Vietnam, the croissant was known as the croissants and sold popular in the French pastry shop. However, this dish in its hometown has its own characteristics.

Madeleines- 5 famous foods in Paris that you should try

The destination of this cake, again as Pierre Herme. Here, the artisan baking greatly respect the quality of their products generate. They have an entire table "process to create a great croissant". People say "a delicious croissant is not tightly wrapped cake". Yes, the cake croissant here makes people enjoy feeling soft when you bite through each layer cake. Butter smell of the premium class will also warm the hearts of the most discerning diners.

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4. Madeleines (Cake scallops)

French madeleines cakes are people such as digits of mermaids by the form of eye-catching and lovely. In Vietnam, madeleines also sold quite common in many patisserie by simple recipes that taste diners.

Cake madeleines in Paris will bring you plenty of surprises with a slight sweetness, making the bar, can soften the heart of even the most discerning diners. A delicious cake is the cake madeleines highly porous, soft without being flattened.

5 famous foods in Paris that you should try

Ble Sucre always a destination for every traveler when it comes to madeleines. The quality of each cake madeleines here is controlled very closely. The chef will have to bring their cakes made home if it does not reach the standards of the store. Thanks to this strict, madeleines each pie sold this place has become the chain attachment legs visitors from all parts of the world.

5. Cheese

Paris seems to be the paradise of cheese. Cheese, as well as of this moment can not be called popular in Vietnam, but if one were tasted at the "capital light", diners will probably be difficult to forget the tough days characterized its.

cheese- 5 famous foods in Paris that you should try

Not hard to find stores selling products on the streets of Paris dreaming. Upon entering the store, which makes us the most headaches will be "should I buy". Soft cheese, hard cheese, ripe cheese or fresh cheese are all laid out very nice to have to make diners to linger a few moments watching. One of the famous cheese shop in Paris's La Fermette in Montorgueil street.

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