10 Delicous and famous dishes you must try when travel Viet Nam

VietNamese not only known about beautiful sceneries, friendly people, but also there are a lot of dishes that attract travelers . Each locality has one or more difference dishes, make peopke who went there have to find them to ẹnjoy. Not in the high-end restaurants but simple dishes made by fresh ingredients are always attractive any prissy people. Here are 10 delicous and famous dishes in Viet Nam you must try!

1. Pho

Pho is a famous dish in Viet Nam

Pho is a famous dish in Viet Nam

What list of Vietnamese cuisine would be complete without pho? It’s almost impossible to walk a block in Vietnam’s major cities without bumping into a crowd of hungry patrons slurping noodles at a makeshift pho stand.

This simple staple consisting of a salty broth, fresh rice noodles, a sprinkling of herbs and chicken or beef, features predominately in the local diet -- and understandably so. It’s cheap, tasty, and widely available at all hours.

2. Nem ran/cha gio

nem ran cha gio

Viet Nam Food: nem ran cha gio

Vietnam’s bite-sized crunchy spring rolls might not enjoy the same popularity as their healthier fresh equivalent, but they deserve a special mention.

The crispy shell with a soft veggie and meat filling dunked in a tangy sauce gets the gastronomic juices flowing before a main course. In the north these parcels go by the name nem ran while southerners call them chagio.

3.Bun dau mam tom

bun dau mam tom

bun dau mam tom

This plain-looking tofu and noodle dish is served with mam tom sauce -- the Vegemite of Vietnam. The pungent purple dipping sauce is used to flavor the slabs of deep-fried fofu that are at the core of the meal.

4. Bun cha

bun cha in viet nam

Viet Nam Food: Bun cha 

Pho might be Vietnam’s most famous dish but bun cha is the top choice when it comes to lunchtime in the capital.

Just look for the clouds of meaty smoke after 11 a.m. when street-side restaurants start grilling up small patties of seasoned pork and slices of marinated pork belly over a charcoal fire. Once they’re charred and crispy the morsels are served with a large bowl of a fish sauce-heavy broth, a basket of herbs and a helping of rice noodles.

5. Cha ca

cha ca viet nam

Viet Nam Food: Cha ca viet nam

Hanoians consider cha ca to be so exceptional that there is a street in the capital dedicated to these fried morsels of fish.

This namesake alley is home to Cha Ca La Vong, which serves sizzling chunks of fish seasoned with garlic, ginger, turmeric and dill on a hot pan tableside.

Cha Ca La Vong may be the busiest but the service is a bit gruff and the food overpriced. Instead make your way to Duong Than in Hanoi’s Hoan Kiem district, where you’ll find plenty of more affordable but just as tasty 

6. Rau muong

rau muong - cuisine viet nam

Viet Nam Cuisine: Rau Muong

Some might call it river weed -- with good reason -- but that doesn’t stop the masses from scarfing down platefuls of morning glory, usually stir-fried and seasoned with slithers of potent garlic.

Rau muong is common at Vietnamese restaurants and beer gardens.

7. Pho cuon

cuisine in viet nam: pho cuon

Viet Nam Cuisine: pho cuon

Pho cuon packages the flavors of phoand goi cuon in one neat little parcel. This Hanoi take on fresh spring rolls uses sheets of uncutpho noodles to 

8.Ca phe trung

egg coffee

Egg coffee

Vietnameseegg coffee” is technically a drink but we prefer to put it in the dessert category. The creamy soft, meringue-like egg white foam perched on the dense Vietnamese coffee will have even those who don’t normally crave a cup of joe licking their spoons with delight.

In Hanoi, follow the tiny alley between the kitschy souvenir shops at 11 Hang Gai into the clearing, and up several flights of increasingly dicey stairs to pair your ca phe trung with an unbeatable view of Hoan Kiem Lake.

9. Che


Che Viet Nam

This dessert can be served in either a bowl or a glass. The latter is the more enticing option with the visible layers of bean jelly, coconut milk, fruit, and ice.

Best had when you’re craving something sweet on a scorching day in Saigon.

10. Hoa qua dam

hoa qua dam viet nam

Viet Nam food: Hoa qua dam

This chunky blend of fresh tropical fruit in a cup is the perfect local treat when the heat of Vietnamese summer starts to wear you down. It could be considered a healthy alternative to ice cream -- if you stick to the shaved ice variation -- but for the full experience it’s best had with diabetes-inducing condensed milk mixed in.

We hope you have interesting travel in Viet Nam and can try all famous dishes in this country!

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