World’s Best Islands for Food For Travelers (Part 1)

Islands are the great destinations for many travelers over the world not only by long stretches of white sand, a well-placed palm tree, stunning view for sundown and sunset but also by enjoying impressive delicious meals here. Many tourists have the best island vacations with memorable island foods, restaurants and menu that makes them want to come back again. 

However, not only islands, but also, wherever you go, the food is something important implementing clearly its culture. 

Here are the world’s best islands for food for travelers. This can be an extra reason to get a trip immediately.

1. Maui, Hawaii

Of all the islands in the Hawaiian archipelago, Maui won the most acclaim for its memorable restaurants and bars. There are great chefs around the island. Coming here, tourists will have chances eat fresh fish caught and served within 24 hours (opah caught on the Sea Moonvessel; ahi caught by Adam reeves off the north shore). Try the local catch grilled in ati leaf with papaya and coconut rice, sautéed in curry and coconut milk, or steamed with Hana ginger. 

Maui Hawaii Food

Maui Hawaii Food

2. Malta 

Restaurants and bars in Malta’s capital city, Valletta, have helped revived ancient, shuttered streets. Check out Palazzo Preca, a project from sisters Ramona and Roberta inside a 16th-century space, serving classic dishes such as Spigola in mido (filleted sea bass and leeks with wine and garlic) andvitella al limone: veal in lemon sauce. 

Malta fresh food

Malta fresh food

3.  Golden Isles

 “Food is phenomenal,” reported one WBA voter of Georgia’s glowing barrier islands. Seek out low country cookouts (the Cloister’s sunset supper with boiled peanuts corn on the cob, and fried chicken enjoyed at gingham-covered picnic tables) and a veal roast at The Lodge on Little St. Simmons Island, served with red potatoes and asparagus. 

Golden Isles meals

Golden Isles meals

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4. Mykonos

Mykonos is the most popular of Greek islands in the Aegean Sea distinguished by white buildings and windmills, turquoise sky and sea and exquisite food. Enjoy fine Greek cuisine and comfortable atmosphere at Mykonos, a locally-owned restaurant featuring full bar & live music in the NE Heights of Albuquerque. Besides, a posh restaurant and night club will always serve fresh fish and local wines right on the beach. 

Mykonos food

Mykonos food

5. Kauai, Hawaii

Hauai Hawaii food

  Hawaii food

Many travelers leave Kauai with compliments from fresh papaya picked each day from a tree on the property to casual cafes such as Caffé Coco, serving purple sweet potato samosas with banana chutney or Kalaheo Café & Coffee Co—head over for a South Shore Breakfast (coffee, fruit, and eggs on rice).

It is easy to say that best islands for food are the best choice for your travel to relax at the weekend. Keep following to get more and more information about best island for food.

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