Amazing Cut the Rope: Magic

Cut the Rope: Magic is kind of the cheap paid-game which you only spend $0.99 for downloading and enjoying it. This is the really good news for fans of physics-based puzzle games which I am no exception.

 enjoyable time with Cut the Rope: Magic

For me, I am crazy about games which appear with cute cartoonish style. However, this type of game was quite boring several years ago in my opinion. Thanks to ZeptoLab, Cut the Rope: Magic was released, developed and now is one of the most favourite one in my game collection. The original version of this game took me a lot of time to play in the past. And now, of course I will discover the upgraded version with all my passion. You can try it as it works with both IOS and Android.

 cute cartoonish style with  Cut the Rope: Magic

You can see from the game that it has the bright and virbant ever. Here is the content of this game, with Om Nom have to face with an evil spider wizard which has stolen his precious candies and store them into a book of spells. Om Nom frog will have to overcome a lot of challenges too difficult to eat these colorful sweets. The player's task is to help Om Nom overcome all obstacles to turn into a unique character. Join the game, your character will be subdued interesting challenges, adventure to new lands. However, the game is limited to a number of scenarios, if you want experience, you will have to purchase the game package to upgrade IAP. Help the frog to overcome all the pitfalls to win back the candy of yourselves! To overcome the challenge of the game, players must skillfully control the frog to eat the candy colors and avoid the pitfalls difficult. Although quite simple, but Cut the Rope: Magic requires the player to know how to apply these tactics reasonable calculation.

the cheap paid-game is  Cut the Rope: Magic

But only just launched Cut the Rope has achieved some major downloads are attractive titles and gives the player new experiences. Version of Cut the Rope: Magic offered attractive features, exciting players to bring new experiences. Especially, Cut the Rope: Magic has more than 100 comfortable level for players to explore. Each new level is a new challenge for players to overcome. Now, the frog will wanderous between dangerous volcano, when the frogs have lost in the desert, also when his Om Nom a transoceanic distance, .... Attractions of Cut the Rope: Magic is shaping funny frog adorable Om Nom with interesting gestures. Space colorful game helps your game experience sharp graphics. In addition, the success of the game there is the part of the hilarious sound system helps gamers feel the excitement, the challenge attractive in the cute frogs.

 Cut the Rope: Magic


Space Game diverse, colorful.

Fun sound system.

Upgraded gameplay novelties.

There are ways to convert interesting characters help players experience new styles.


Offers more than 100 challenging levels.

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