Captain Cowboy - an interesting adventure through a giant asteroid space maze

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Wadonk AB


iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch)


Puzzle games, adventure games


Require iOS 5.1.1 or later

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Release date

December 18, 2015


captain cowboy, games for ios, puzzle games, adventure games, designed by wadonk abGameplay

Captain Cowboy is a puzzle adventure game. The game takes players to a giant asteroid space maze where players have to control Captain Cowboy to complete mission then find a way home. The game contains a heavy Boulderdash influence. While players are exploring and digging their way through a huge world and collecting diamonds, they also need a strategic plan on how they will dig around so that a boulder won’t crash down then squish them. Players will explore a really huge handcrafted world, get lost in quests for diamonds, find the mystical exit warp room, then cross paths with Snorkhogs and Gnurfs.  

The game also features puzzle elements where players will need to use boulders to pass traps. Overall, Captain Cowboy is a quirky game with not a lot of hand-holding but plenty of details for you to discover. There is also faux scanlines.

captain cowboy, games for ios, iphone, ipad, puzzle games, adventure games, designed by wadonk ab


It’s easy and simple to control Cowboy.You just need to swipe your finger on the screen in the direction that you like to move to. You can tap to move. Captain Cowboy will automatically dig his way through dirt as he encounters it. However, remember to watch out for the rocks since they may fall then squish you if you don’t move out of the way.  Set bombs if you want to get rid of heavy and big obstacles but make sure that you don’t blow yourself up in this process. As you jump off edges of the screen then move to a new place, it is relatively easy to get lost when you try to find the exit warp room. In case you get lost, tap on the map button in the top right corner, adjacent to the bomb, and you will see the map. It helps you get back on track on where to go.

captain cowboy, games for ios, iphone, ipad, puzzle games, adventure games, developed by wadonk ab

Visual design

The visuals in Captain cowboy game are a blast from the past. The game has 8-bit pixelated graphics together with the CRT-style overlay. With these effects, you may feel like you are looking at something in the 90s. The colors range from pitch black backgrounds sprinkled with bright white stars to bright and vivid rocks then dirt once you are on an asteroid maze. The developer also complete retro feeling by using the standard font on CRT monitors. So it’s a nice touch. Animations are smooth and fluid. The chiptune soundtrack is relatively delightful.

captain cowboy game designed for ios, iphone, ipad, puzzle games, adventure games, designed by wadonk ab


Watch out the trailer and you will be impressed by this game!



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