Dungelot: shattered lands

Dungelot: shattered lands

By Tiny Build LCC

Coming to iOS [$3.99] and Steam (not to Android)

Release date: in 2016

Genre Role-playing, strategy, puzzle, adventure.

Dungelot: Shattered Lands is a Minesweeper-esque roguelike, packed with gurgling enemies, wicked mushrooms, angry totems, and a quite insane zombie cow.

dungelot shattered lands has some features that similar to the original

Along the way you’ll also uncover helpful items and skills like bombs, throwing knives, and spells. That’s really just scratching the surface, though, as there are tons of different systems and mechanics in the game that let you play in a variety of different ways. For instance, if you want to power through the game as far as you can, you can try to unlock the weapon that deals the most damage and hop from floor to floor as soon as you find each key. If you want to take things a bit slower and focus on gaining money, however, you can choose a weapon like the pickaxe (which grants you bonus coins) and focus on killing all the enemies on each floor (which will grant you a bonus chest full of even more coins) before moving on.

Uncover helpful items and skills along the way

There are a few new things added to the series this time around, like new characters and weapons, brand new mini games that randomly show up between floors, and a mansion where you can buy permanent boosts (like a giant plant that has a 15% chance of eating monsters on each floor). It still feels a heck of a lot like the original Dungelot, though, and that’s definitely not a complaint. We here at Touch Arcade Towers usually try to avoid over-used words like “addictive” when describing games, but it’s actually a great way to describe the series. The basic gameplay loop of exploring and fighting monsters, dying, using your coins to buy better stuff, and then getting even further next time is tuned to near-perfection and just ridiculous amounts of fun.

The game is pretty similar to the first Dungelot. Like The Force Awakens, it tries to bring back everything you loved about the original, while still adding a few things here and there to spice up the formula a bit. In some ways Shattered Lands feels less like a sequel and more like a fulfillment of the promise behind the first game, like this is what Red Winter wanted to make all along.

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