Fat Princess Adventures

Fat Princess Adventures game is the adventure which takes you from the forest to the grimy floor of a pirate ship, all in pursuit of saving the world. Along the way, you collect loot to enhance your posse and bread when you need an energy boost. The story picks up where the original lefts off Fat Princess, with red and blue Nations unite to form larger Bitten. A short time after this union, the Queen is emerging, threatens to destroy everything sweet, including the kingdom, his princess, and their beloved cake.

fast princess adventures

The noticeable problem in this game is its combat. Even for a game revolving around hacking and slashing classic, it surprisingly shallow, only two attacks per class. Engineers focused melee swing a hammer and throwing explosives, while providing clear and Archer brought a small knife for close encounters. Whether you choose classes, rounds played is the same: You move around, attacking anything that moves, and fill up the meter Awesome Sauce terrible name. When it is full, you can activate a temporary phase, allowing you to hit harder and move faster than normal. This is an unimaginative system that gets the job done. Upgrade weapons collection is one of the things that makes the fight sometimes correspond, if only because it allows you to get through it faster.

fast princess adventures

Boss fight sometimes makes interesting twist by throwing unique mechanics into the mix. During a meeting, you have to take chickens and put them in a hamster wheel-like contraption that charges a fraction of the power of stories to cause damage to the boss. Another enemy is the host of a cooking reality show who runs off stage to be interviewed between the combat phase. These conceits make the most exciting moments in the game, but they are still troubling. Bother, frequent enemies thrown at you in the battle, slow speed imaginative setting with unnecessary distractions.


Although the interface is difficult to use, the game will be very good in places, with a lot of beauty. Environment cluster with color, and the enemies look and sound appropriately nefarious. The music fits the tone of each area and there are a few memorable songs scattered.

Fat Princess Adventures can play with up to three people, locally or online, and those with limited experience unhappiness same: everyone in your group must fit on a screen in the game . With four people who share a TV, make sense, but not so when everyone playing online has its own TV for review. This limitation is most annoying when you are trying to go in a different direction than his teammates for the sake of efficiency in a task.



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