Hyphen - carry ePub library in just one pocket

General information


Mattitiah Curtis


iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch)


 Require iOS 8.0 or later


Books app

Launch pricing

$2.99  for a limited time (50 percent off). A limited, free version of the app to try before purchasing the full version.


Hyphen solutions app is a good choice for heavy readers. It’s a powerful and robust eBook reader for ePub format. It came out to allow users to take their library wherever they go. It means that you now can unify your library in just one location for on-the-go access. You don’t have to lug around thick paperbacks. So Hyphen gives you control over your reading experience.


Easy to add files into

It is relatively easy to get ePub files into this app using your favorite services. You have some options when you tap on “Add books” button including Web, Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive. The app doesn’t support PDF file type, so you will need to use another app.

hyphen allows users to add ePub files

Easy to control

Tap on the “Select” button at the top if you want to move any books to your organizational shelves or if you want to perform any batch actions.  It’s easy to perform some other tasks like sorting your shelves by tile or list, changing the order, showing headers, or even applying filters to the sorting.

Personalize your reading experience

With Hyphen, all of your ePub files are tidily listed on the main Shelf section. You can organize your books by creating multiple shelves. Each file will show the progress with just a single glance. You can easily control the way your ePub displays. This app comes with a ton of options for custom colors, font, size, line height, margin, etc. So it makes reading a pleasure.

hyphen, ebook apps, apps for ios

Highlight and Annotate Effortlessly

Users can easily highlight a text with several available colors. You can share those highlights as images by posting them to Facebook, Twitter or exporting them for use elsewhere.

hyphen, ebook apps, apps for ios, manage your library

Metadata Lookup

Hyphen allows users to edit title, author, subject, cover, and many other things of your books. It can even lookup book covers and metadata for you. You can even add your own CSS for additional, near-limitless control.

Elegant design

This app comes up with simple, clean, and elegant design. The interfaces look good without too much unnecessary fluff. Once you select a book to read, you will get a beautiful interface designed to make your reading a pleasurable experience. You can tap on the left/right sides of the screen or swipe horizontally your finger if you want to turn the pages. If you tap on the middle of your screen while reading, you will toggle the bottom progress bar and the header bar at the top.

hyphen is a good app for heavy readers. it's for ios

Image Gallery Option

An Image Gallery Option can be found in “More” menu option in reading view. So users can view all of the images in the ePub file. It seems like another album in your photo library. This menu also features native Share Sheet, ADE page.

“More” section

You can manage your integrated Goodreads account by turning to the “More” section in the main tab bar. You can perform some tasks such as changing interface options, getting access to experimental features like Hyphenlink.



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