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Infinite Skater by Space Inch, LLC is a beautiful over-the-shoulder endless runner that offers a lot more than your typical fare. Well, if you love infinite runners but looked for something more, Infinite Skater may be a new gem to add to your collection. Here are some quick Infinite Skater Reviews for you:

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Infinite Skater

Infinite Skater now just features 1 path of Warrior. However, it seems like the developers are planning for some more in the future. That’s especially true as the "Heart" and "Vision" paths have a "Coming Soon" label on them. There're also 2 characters that players can choose from the start, with a man and a woman, of course. Like all of other infinite runner games, the goal is to skate as far as you can before inevitably falling into some kind of obstacle. There're also spirit animals that you'll see along the journey, and if you make an offer to them whenever you find them, they’ll give you some nice gifts in exchange. Well, this spirit animals element is a very cool addition to a tried-and-true formula and gives the game a bit more depth than competitors.

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The controls in the Infinite Skater are also just the way you want: swipe down to duck under obstacles, swipe up to jump, and swipe horizontally to change lanes. You can also make a double click to shieldyourself, and you can grind side railings swiping over again. If you find the rainbow spirits animal run along the trail, you can jump on them for a boosted ride. Overall, the controls just feel natural, particularly if you have played the other games of the same genre before.

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There’s a problem with the responsiveness of the swipe gesture on iPhone 6s+, especially during the moments when you have to move up or jump quickly over something. Yep, I did suffer from this problem and at those moments, I would swipe to attempt the action, yet the game didn’t register it then I end up crashing. It also appears in other parts of the game in which quick reflexes are not needed. The game is still fun, but it is a little frustrating when you die knowing that you tried to avoid it, but it just did not register in time.

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