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Apple has recently announced 21 March event, likely for 4in iPhone and smaller iPad Pro.

Apple March Event invitation


After making attentions by rumors and reports for months, finally, Apple has officially announced an event for 21 March, exactly as predicted last month. And we have a suspicion much of the other building speculation will pan out, as well.



Apple just sent out invitations to the event to media organizations, with an image featuring the phrase, "Let us loop you in." The company's taglines sometimes tease the announcements to come, although this may simply refer to Apple's headquarters address, housed at One Infinite Loop in Cupertino, California.


Multiple reports fixed 21 March for the event late last month, and many reports have also suggested what it will bring on. First and foremost is the iPhone SE, a new 4in model that has also been called the iPhone 6c, iPhone 5se, and iPhone 5e prior to last month.


The iPhone SE is described as an iPhone 5s with newly rounded edges, but feature a lot of the tech that we've seen in newer handsets: the A9 and M9 co-processors and other chips from the iPhone 6s, for example, along with NFC for Apple Pay and support for Live Photos (albeit without a 3D Touch display). It's expected to replace the iPhone 5s as not only Apple's small phone, but also its entry-level one in terms of price point.


Reports also say to expect a new 9.7in iPad, since Apple opted not to release one last autumn, only it may carry a new name: the iPad Pro. Yes, like the super-sized one. Supposedly, this new model will have support for the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard devices, making it a more capable productivity and creation device, so Apple may shake up the branding as a result.


Lastly, we may see some new Apple Watch band options in the mix, although a proper new Apple Watch device isn't likely to debut until late this year. If you've been holding out for a smaller iPhone or an upgraded, standard-sized iPad, you should have good news coming in just a couple weeks. Stay tuned for more as it comes.




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