Solitaire Sage - permandeath when run out of money

Most of the solitaire games are free and it's so easy to play solitaire online as long as you want to, except for Sage Solitaire. There's games that are described as roguelikes, and have permadeath, but they tend to be forgivable in how they work. Mostly in that once you die, you can play them again. Leave it to Zach Gage's Sage Solitaire [Free] to redefine a card game. The new update adds 2 new modes, Vegas mode and True Grit mode, both centered around gambling in the game. But True Grit mode is unique in that if you run out of money in it, you can't play it ever again.

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That's right. You can wager money on games to get bigger rewards for the points you get and the solitaire games you complete, with different multiplier bonuses for the different piles you clear. There's leaderboards for the people who amass the most money, too. In Vegas mode, if you run out of money, you can reset and start over. But in True Grit mode, if you run out of money, that's it. Game over. You can't play it again. And the game does iCloud, so don't think you can just sign in to another device and play it there. No, maybe there's a way around it, but it won't be easy to do. Both Vegas and True Grit mode are available for free in the new Sage Solitaire update, available now.

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