'Solitairica' Mixes Solitaire and Roguelikes in Early 2016

Solitaire games have long been developed so strong since its first appearance in 1990s. Players would like to play free solitaire online for fun or sometimes to make money from it. 

The recent trend of solitaire-based RPGs is really fun. The idea of taking the familiar input of a deck of cards and turning it into something that fits into the less-abstract world of RPGs. We've seen some solitaire games like Card Crawl [$2.99] and Donsol [$1.99] already, but there's another one in the works: Solitairica. The first game by the folks at Righteous Hammer games, consisting of ex-AAA veterans, this aims to combine solitaire and roguelikes in the vein of FTL [$9.99 (HD)]. Check out a trailer for the game:

You'll be fighting enemies with the solitaire system, and using items to help get an advantage in battle, with each suit apparently corresponding to different elements. Solitairica is planned to be "100% premium" and is expected to release in early 2016 on iOS first. I'm digging the production values on this one, and as I said, solitaire-based RPGs intrigue me, so this does seem worth keeping an eye out for.

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