The Witness

Being considered one of the most challenging games, players will pay more attention for this game. And once, you can control it, you will be completely satisfied. That makes The Witness special. 

The Witness reveals  on an nameless island within a vast sea. The island contains different Earth's biomes, from a snowcapped mountain, to an autumnal forest, to a barren desert. Besides, there are many square panels which are covered in complex mazes.  Your duty is to active each panel with a glowing line through its maze. 

the witness

Players might be impressive with the way this game communicates its nuances. First, it seems to be easy to active through guiding line from point A to B. Then, you will face with new symbols and colors and shapes and each has own rule. You can’t know how the rules work, you just can explore them through your logical reasoning. 

It's special how diverse the puzzles are, and how The Witness manages to keep mazes engaging over the course of 25 plus hours. It becomes more impressive when The Witness reveals that its world, and the puzzles therein, aren't separate; they bleed together. 

the witness

The castle is located near the center of the island.

Moreover, the island is open from the start, leaving you free to wander between the puzzle and your locale. This is extremely an important part of the witnesses' structure: each sector in a different motif between its panels, based on a certain symbol or clue in its maze. If increasing difficulty of the puzzles of the area is too high, you can put it down, go through the island, and learn new rules.

In many cases, the knowledge you gain will help you elsewhere to better understand the puzzles, you just put down. Witness is not open world for the sake of exploration; Its structure promotes learning at your pace. I remember how we, as humans, have good ideas in the shower, or driving on the highway at night. The same rings true when wandering the lush island - you get revealed through deeper thinking, when conundrum fade from the front of your mind.

the witness

The Witness introduces new ideas with elegance, never stating the rules outright, never showing its full hand, but giving you just enough context, just enough of a push, to make the final leap yourself. When completing all the puzzles, the larger, overarching goals emerged. Witnesses communicate your goals to a whisper, providing nudges in one direction or the other when you make meaningful connections between different parts of the island. Many of the best puzzle larger communicate ideas they initially seem.

It is difficult to say the word “end” in this game, because it comes with about 650 panels in total. Generally, this is nice game in which you can learn much from. 


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