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Webbfarbror AB 


iOS (Universal)


Puzzle games, strategy games

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twofold inc. , games for ios, puzzle games, strategy games


Twofold Inc. is a combination of color-matching puzzler and the twisting configuration of a Rubik’s Cube. It brings you a new experience of puzzle games.

Players will be shown a tutorial. It explains the basics and allows players to grasp the simple yet challenging game concept. Essentially, you have to complete requests shown at the top of the game board.  You need to scroll the lines to shift the tiles around then make a path that will clear them away. As you match like-colored tiles in groups of two or more, the number doubles with each additional tile. It means that a match of two tiles may get you “4,” but three is “8,” and four is “16,” and so on. The longer your chain, the higher the value becomes since it is always doubled. It’s quite confusing at first, but once you play the game for some times, the mechanic will become clearer. After the tutorial, there will be two game modes available: Standard and Master.

Ultimately, creating the longest-possible chain isn’t the most important thing. Instead, it’s clearing your requests before running out of turns, or else, you will lose lives. So you will have to keep making strategic shifts on the board. 

twofold inc. , games for ios, puzzle games, strategy games, it's challenging

Twofold Inc. is a kind of puzzle game that you will want to obsess over to dominate the leaderboards. Forethought is really crucial.  Each turn you take—whether shifting a row or column one step or clearing a chain of blocks is not only an opportunity to clear a current request, but also an opportunity to try to set yourself up for the next one. So it is necessary to think ahead and survey your surroundings otherwise, you will get stuck with a mess of loose blocks and there will be no quick way to pull them together.

What makes the game challenging is the need of drawing a complete path through each linked block without crossing back over any. So the number of blocks you pull together is just as important as where they are placed on the board. You won’t always have spare turns available to make tweaks before a request is due. Fortunately, the game provides a bit of a buffer. Once you make chains, you can earn up to a few bonus blocks of each color, which can be dragged onto the board to fix an awkward block set, separate a large cluster of another color’s blocks, or expand out a current chain. But that’s a short-term fix that doesn’t last. 

twofold inc. , games for ios, puzzle games, strategy games, it's challenging, it's designed by webbfarbror

Visual design

Just like the earlier Rymdkapsel, this game has a minimal aesthetic and design is relatively delightful. It’s not flashy or over the top, but the look is very effective. The cartoonish, one-eyed robot feeding you requests is a nice touch, and there is also a nice amount of personality evident in the small animations. 


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