Muscle Flexibility should be improved to get Better Physical Fitness

Muscle flexibility, along with joint and ligament mobility are absolutely vital for whole body fitness. No matter how fast you run or how much weight you bench, neglecting this aspect of your regimen will result in injury. It’s just a matter of time.

Runners who don’t stretch end up with pulled leg muscles and knee pain. Bodybuilders get tight in the shoulders and often lack the ability to move their arms freely. Torn and strained muscles and lack of mobility will knock you off your FitnessTempo stride.

This doesn’t have to happen if you make flexibility exercises part of a balanced fitness routine. You should ideally be working toward increasing your range of motion. However, if you have an old injury or are getting older just maintaining the mobility you have is also a worthy goal.

Muscle Flexibility should be improved to get Better Physical Fitness

Muscle Flexibility should be improved to get Better Physical Fitness

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Pay Attention To Your Body

Stretching should never be painful (although it may be uncomfortable). Muscles that are torn will usually heal - the same can’t be said for damaged ligaments and joints. You may push through and get a second wind during cardio or train to the point of failure on the last set of weights. However, this “no pain, no gain” attitude is a no-go when it comes to muscle flexibility.

Take It Easy - But Keep On Going

It may take you 6 months or a year to get your palms flat on the floor or achieve a full split. Be patient! The slow but sure approach will pay off for decades to come. Avoid forceful bouncing. This may temporarily give you an extra half inch of reach, but the after effects will discourage you from continuing to stretch daily.

Early Morning Stretch

When you first get up in the morning, you probably don’t have much energy. That’s a great time to do some light, dynamic stretching. This involves taking all your muscle groups through their full range of motion. Reaching, rotating, bending, and breathing for just 30 seconds can have a startling effect on your mood and level of “pep”.

Twice A Day At Work Or At Home

Before doing moderate stretching, always warm up for 2-3 minutes. Jumping jacks are a super-fast way to get your blood pumping in preparation for this type of flexibility training After your muscles are warm, spend at least 5 minutes on static stretches. These involve stretching to the point of discomfort, holding, breathing, and relaxing into the position. You can also do gentle pulsing (but not bouncing).

3-4 Days A Week For Greatest Muscle Flexibility

Serious stretching can be done as an entire workout (like with yoga exerices ) or after a cardio session as part of your cool down. Spend at least 20 minutes on your full body with special emphasis on your hamstrings, lower back, or other areas that are usually tight. This will increase your flexibility, lengthen your muscles, and strengthen your joints.

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