Watch Your Muscles Grow by Start Resistance Training

Resistance training is the key to building muscle mass, increasing strength, and creating tone in major muscle groups. If you want definition, losing fat will only get you partway there. Your muscles also need to be built up enough that you can see clearly see their outlines.

The more muscle tissue your body contains, the more calories you will use during exercise and all your other daily activities. So, modifying your body composition to have a higher muscle to fat ratio can be beneficial in two ways at once.

Muscle Flexibility should be improved to get Better Physical Fitness

Muscle Flexibility should be improved to get Better Physical Fitness

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What Muscles Should You Build?

People who work out regularly in a cardio program often already have pretty good tone in their thighs and calves. So, it’s natural to focus on the upper body when it comes to building muscular strength . However, it actually makes sense to do strength workouts for every part of your body (including your core). This promotes a healthy balance and ensures that you aren’t inviting injury by neglecting any group of muscles and tendons while bodybuilding.

Here Are Your Equipment Options

Resistance training can be performed with:

• Your Own Body Weight (pushups, sit-ups, chin-ups, squats, lunges )

• Free Weights (dumbbells & barbells)

• Weight Stack Machine (the kind with rectangular metal blocks)

• Resistance Bands (stretchy elastic straps with handles)

• Cable & Pulley Systems (such as bowflex )If you are just starting out, using your own body weight, a set of free weights, or a couple of resistance bands is the cheapest way to go. There are a few of drawbacks. For example, once you are doing pushups effortlessly you have no way of increasing the weight and continuing to build muscle (unless you do pushups while doing a handstand). For barbell bench presses, you will need a workout partner with you at all times to keep you safe. Resistance bands can be a little difficult to figure out (and usually don’t let you measure how much weight you are actually moving).

Those are some of the reasons that weight stacks and cable machines are so popular. You can use these at home whenever you want without a spotter. They also make it very easy to add more weight as time goes on. Cable and pulley systems are particularly enjoyable to use. They offer smooth resistance in both directions. You can pull and then release them back to their starting position without annoying clanging.

Always Train Safely

As you start a resistance training regimen, never start by lifting the absolute maximum amount of weight you can. Begin with a moderately challenging weight and learn to lift with good posture and form. Then, you can move on to serious anaerobic lifting that actually causes your muscles to break down and rebuild with additional mass.

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